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Become a Certified Hypnotherapy Master in Just 6 Months

Enroll in the Hypnotherapy Mastery Certification Program Today … and Discover How to Help Your Clients to Connect With Their Authentic Selves and Super Consciousness to Clear Blocks, Overcome Challenges and Create Amazing Results

Hurry! Enrollment Closes March 4th

If you want to have a significant impact on the life of your clients, there is no better skill to learn than hypnotherapy. It changed my life – and it’s a must-have component in every training and coaching program I offer.

Christy Whitman

New York Times best-selling author and founder, Quantum Success Coaching Academy

Dear Friend,
Imagine being able to help your clients create significant shifts and overcome limitations in as little as 6 sessions.

  • How good would it feel to help them finally achieve their dreams and unleash their potential?
  • How many more people would you be able to serve – without working more hours (and even working less)?
  • How much bigger of a ripple would you create in the world as your newly empowered clients went forth to fulfill their missions and achieve their goals?

That’s the power of hypnotherapy… And that’s why I’m so glad you made it to this page.

How Hypnotherapy Changed – and Even Saved – My Life

Hi, I’m Evelyn Apostolou, a certified hypnotherapist with the National Guild of Hypnotherapy and founder of the Quantum Edge Healing Institute. You may also know me as the lead trainer and managing director of Christy Whitman’s Quantum Success Coaching Academy.

In 2001, I was a stressed-out, burned-out entrepreneur who was running two businesses while raising two kids under five. (Can you say “burning the candle at both ends”?) To cope with the stress, I turned to caffeine, sugar and other unhealthy, self-sabotaging habits that nearly destroyed my health.

On a friend’s recommendation, I sought help from a hypnotherapist – and my life began to change with the very first session.

I began to completely alter my perspective and perception. I started clearing, healing, and releasing the subconscious entanglements and habitual patterns that were running my life – and accelerated the energy of what I did want in my life.

Hypnotherapy became my focus and was a catalyst in ultimately transforming the direction of my life and living my purpose today. I was so influenced by this healing modality that I decided to become a teacher dedicated to supporting others in living a more supreme life by connecting to their authentic selves.

Now I’d love to help you…

Become a Certified Hypnotherapist in Just 6 Months

Hypnotherapy Mastery is a 6-month hypnotherapy certification course that I offer with Christy and the QSCA.

When you enroll in this popular hypnotherapy certification program, you’ll receive my personal instruction and support in learning how to:

  • Conduct hypnotherapy with your clients
  • Use hypnotherapy to address common self-defeating habits– in your clients and yourself
  • Facilitate greater levels of mind-body-spirit healing
  • Weave hypnotherapy with other healing modalities and techniques, such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique, Time Line Therapy, Past Life-Regression, and Transformational Healing Methods … as well as coaching, massage, therapy, counseling, acupuncture, acupressure and more
  • And much more

Is This Certification Program Right For You?

Hypotherapy Mastery is designed for people who want to learn hypnotherapy to help others, such as:

  • Coaches
  • Therapists
  • Counselors
  • Teachers
  • Practitioners
  • Healers

Most of our clients have existing businesses and use hypnotherapy to boost the results they’re getting with their clients.

However, hypnotherapy may be a new career path for you. Either way, the Hypnotherapy Mastery Certification Program will help you master this powerful skill quickly and easily.

As a Certified Coach, Hypnotherapy Mastery Course has provided me with a deeper understanding of my client’s struggles and needs. With Evelyn’s skillful instruction, I am a much better coach who has the tools to better serve my clients. This has been the best investment I have made, not only for me but for my clients. You too can trust Evelyn to help you go from being a good coach to a great coach.

Kirk Gros

Which Issues Do Your Clients Need Help With?

Clinical trials and research show that hypnotherapy is remarkably effective for a variety of issues such as:

  • phobias
  • fears
  • insomnia
  • work and career success
  • achievement
  • self-image improvement
  • weight control
  • smoking and habit control
  • anxiety
  • heal emotional/physical pain
  • maintaining good health
  • sports performance
  • self-healing
  • healing sexual problems
  • prosperity problems
  • healing powerlessness and anger
  • goal setting and will power
  • relaxation and stress control

Hypnotherapy is also effective in healing sub-personalities … such as our inner critic, the perfectionist, our angry adolescent, the wounded child, and much more.

What can I say! The Hypnotherapy Mastery Program with Evelyn Apostolou is by far the most significant and impactful program I have taken! My life has completely changed in ways that I continue to be surprised and delighted by! My coaching clients are amazed by the shifts that they are experiencing and the love they feel as they become aware of what needs to change. This coarse was truly priceless as what I have been experiencing within my own transformation as well as my business is truly unbelievable! I can’t say Thank You enough and I am looking forward to more!

Lisa Wilson

Why Hypnotherapy Will Amplify Your Work

The subconscious is far more powerful than most people realize (even many counselors, therapists, teachers and healers).

In fact … the subconscious mind controls 95-99% of our decisions, actions, emotions and behavior.

This is why so many people – including your clients and even you – struggle to achieve their goals and make change, no matter how badly they want to shift.

Your subconscious believes absolutely everything. And it controls your emotions, habits, cravings, your life, and responses to the world around you. It is where your thoughts, memories and experiences live. It handles around two million bits of sensory information every second … whereas the conscious mind handles up to seven.

(Yes, you read that correctly. Two million vs. seven.)

Bottom line: If your subconscious mind doesn’t believe in the change you want to make … it ain’t gonna happen!

Hypnotherapy bypasses the conscious mind – and goes to work directly on the subconscious.

How Hypnotherapy Affects Your Brain and Mind

Hypnotherapy puts you in a relaxed trance. When that happens, your state of consciousness is altered.

  • The left, analytical side of your brain – which is associated with your conscious mind — is turned off.
  • Meanwhile, the right, non-analytical, intuitive side of your brain – the seat of your subconscious mind — is more alert and active.

This is important because your conscious mind is analytical, logical and critical. Your subconscious mind is far more accepting, loving, and non-judgmental.

The subconscious mind understands metaphors, associations and patterns, which hypnotherapists are trained to use. Therefore, when the hypnotherapist uses metaphors, meditations, and suggestive positive affirmations, profound changes take place – even for the most analytical person.

As a certified hypnotherapist, you’ll know how to reframe old habits that are not serving your clients’ highest good … as well as dissolve old, destructive patterns that sabotage their success.

Hypnotherapy Mastery with Evelyn was an absolutely wonderful experience. This class has given me so many new insights into the world of Transformational Coaching with these new skills. My Coaching clients are seeing immediate and amazing life changing results and are even more empowered to creating their lives as they desire. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to up-level their Coaching skills. Evelyn is an incredibly knowledgeable, professional and loving Instructor.

Coby Scaccia

Activating the Super-Conscious Mind to Amplify and Accelerate Change

Once self-limiting patterns are cleared from the subconscious, your clients will be able to access their true essence, deep inner wisdom and self-knowledge to live the optimal and abundant lives they deserve.

In essence, you’ll be helping them to connect with their highest selves – and the “super consciousness,” which is a state of mind where you can see material reality and the energy and consciousness behind that reality.

In the super-conscious state, you’re able to access your innate qualities of love, wisdom, strength, confidence, vision, and power. In other words, you live in our natural state of elevated consciousness.

The more your clients are able to connect with their authentic selves and the super-conscious state … the more abundance and flow they’ll experience in life.

Perhaps more importantly, so will you…

Evelyn’s Hypnotherapy Mastery class was amazing! I have learned so much, not only about how to assist clients, but about myself-my inner growth and healing. This class is packed with valuable information, techniques and guidance to take your practice to the next level. I highly recommend Evelyn’s course.

Margie Shay

How You’ll Benefit from Mastering Hypnotherapy

Mastering hypnotherapy benefits you, the professional, in numerous ways:

  • Position yourself on the forefront of your professionby incorporating this powerful skill into your repertoire.
  • Overcome the blocks and limitations that are holding you back by using self-hypnosis, creating your own customized meditations, and practicing with fellow students.
  • Tap into your authentic self and your own super-consciousness to increase the abundance and flow in your life.
  • Become more effective in helping clients overcome their challenges and achieve their goals.
  • Win more referrals from delighted clients and patients.
  • Treat and serve more people as you’re able to help people achieve their goals in fewer sessions … or …
  • Cut back on the number of hours you worksince you’ll be able to help clients in less time.
  • Increase your fees if desired – clients gladly pay a premium for fast and effective treatments.

I’ll even be creating meditations using hypnotherapy to help you overcome the blocks and limitations you may face – and accelerate your learning – as you become a hypnotherapy master.

If you have ever been toying with the idea of becoming a Hypnotherapist, I highly recommend you sign up for Evelyn Apostolou’s Hypnotherapy Mastery Certification Program!! It was one of the best decision’s I have ever made!!

Evelyn’s certification program goes far beyond your basic hypnotherapy certification programs!! It is packed full of so much information, techniques and tools to start you up and running in your hypnotherapy practice right away!! This course is not only educational for you becoming a certified hypnotherapist; it is also a very powerful course that will shift and dramatically change your life in the most positive amazing ways!!!Evelyn is one of the best instructors I have ever had the pleasure of working with and if you want a top notch hypnotherapy certification program, this is the one!!”

Laura Martino

Take a Look at What You’ll Learn

Module 1: The Foundations of Hypnotherapy

Class 1: March 6, 2018

  • What is Hypnosis?
  • What is Hypnotherapy?
  • Who can be Hypnotized?
  • Client’s common concerns?

Class 2: March 13, 2018

  • Principles of Hypnotherapy-Conceptual Basis
  • What is Suggestion?
  • Rapport and Self Confidence
  • Hypnosis: A Conviction Phenomenon
  • Brain Waves
  • Testing During Hypnosis
  • Fear of Not Being Hypnotized
  • Self-Hypnosis Technique

Class 3: March 20, 2018

  • Myths
  • Non-Authoritarian Language for a Hypnotherapist
  • Brain Waves
  • Anxiety/Depression
  • Phobias
  • Obsessions
  • Habits
  • Emotions
  • Coaching Hypnosis Clients
  • Hypnosis Therapy Precautions and Guidelines

Module 2: Inductions Techniques/Hypnosis Techniques

Class 4: April 3, 2018

  • Inductions/Rapid Inductions
  • Self-Hypnosis in Depth
  • Metamorphosis Technique
  • Rapid Induction/Touch Hypnosis
  • Wise Mind Process
  • Transformational Healing Process

Class 5: April 10, 2018

  • Progressive Relaxation Induction
  • Techniques for Transformational Healing
  • Self-Hypnosis Techniques
  • Ultra-Depth Induction
  • Light Induction

Class 6: April 17, 2018

  • Experiencing Your Essence
  • Guided Hypnosis Meditation
  • Sub-Personalities

Module 3: Transformational Healing Methods

Class 7: May 1, 2018

  • Preliminary Techniques
  • EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Root Fundamental Technique
  • Transformation Process
  • Energy Release Technique

Class 8: May 8, 2018

  • The Four Phases of Session
• Phase 1 – Rapport, Active Listening, Intuitive Consulting
• Phase 2 – Energy Therapy
• Phase 3 – Deep Inner Healing Stages 1-4
• Creating Closure

Class 9: May 15, 2018

  • Energy Tapping
  • The Technique
  • Aspects
  • Root Cause Tapping
  • Mind-Body Spiritual Healing
  • Tapping for Habit Control Issues

Module 4: Habit Control: Weight Loss/Smoking, Special Healing Techniques

Class 10: June 5, 2018

  • Stop Smoking
  • Interview Past-Present-Future
  • Deep Inner Healing
  • Emotional Issues
  • Recording Technique
  • Special Healing Techniques and Remedies

Class 11: June 12, 2018

  • Weight Loss
  • Special Habit Techniques
  • Diet Exercise Recording
  • Healthy Foods
  • Defeating the Sweet Tooth – Sugar

Class 12: June 19, 2018

  • Working with Higher Consciousness to Heal the Body-Mind
  • Healing Angelic Guides
  • Pure Induction By Dave Elman
  • Healing Light
  • Healing Water
  • Eliminating/Healing/Reducing Pain
  • Metaphysical Healing

Module 5: Mind-Body-Spiritual Healing

Class 13: July 3, 2018

  • Hypnotherapy Language – The Power of Suggestion
  • Finding your Inner Guide/Awaken the Healer Within
  • Your Body Speaks Its Mind
  • The Mind-Body Connection

Class 14: July 10, 2018

  • Image Healing Process
  • Headache Process
  • Hypno Healing
  • Cell Intelligence Communication
  • Working with Higher Consciousness to Heal Body-Mind-Spirit

Class 15: July 17, 2018

  • Different Degrees of the Emotional Guidance Scale
  • Asking the “Right” Questions for Deep Inner Healing
  • Healing Chakras
  • Transformational Techniques for Sessions
  • Awaken the Healer Within
  • Body Wisdom Process

Module 6: Past Life Regression and Time Line Therapy

Class 16: August 7, 2018

  • Past Lives
  • Past Life Therapies
  • Past Life Regression Therapies
  • How to do a Past Life Regression
  • Past Life Healing
  • How to do an Entity Release

Class 17: August 14, 2018

  • NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Techniques
  • Eye Pattern Charts
  • Circle of Excellence
  • Past Phobia Relief Technique
  • Disconnecting a Negative Emotion

Class 18: August 21, 2018

  • Marketing for Your Hypnotherapy Practice
  • Marketing Tools
  • Network Groups
  • Workshops
  • Memory Hooks
  • Business Plans
  • Demonstrations
  • Custom Websites

Meet Your Instructor

About Evelyn Apostolou

Evelyn is the founder of the Quantum Edge Healing Institute. She is a Quantum Success Coaching Academy Master Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach with dual certifications. A Certified Hypnotherapist acknowledged by the National Guild of Hypnotherapy. Managing Director of the QSCA as well as Lead Trainer and Instructor. She is a Master Intuitive Energy Reader and Healer with an extensive background in energy work and chakra balancing, as well as a Reiki Master/Teacher. Evelyn is wisdom-keeper and sacred circle holder as well as an ordained Universal Life minister.

In her practice, she addresses the whole person — mind, body, and spirit — and empowers you to lead a more fulfilled, balanced, and effective life. By weaving in successful coaching principles, hypnotherapy tools, archetypal energies, and the Law of Attraction, Evelyn assists her clients with tapping into their own inner wisdom to achieve their goals, visions, and dreams. The foundation of her healing work is that an open heart is the gateway to higher awareness, and that divine love energy heals, catalyzes, and transforms the human body, mind, and soul.

Here’s What the Course Includes

Hypnotherapy Mastery includes:

  • An extraordinary training manual which you will be compiling through the program filled with techniques, tools, meditations, scripts, guidance, and resources.
  • Class informational handouts to enhance your learning, growth, and experience.

You’ll receive a private login to our student portal, which houses all of the information, archived calls, bonuses, and resources that you receive as part of Hypnotherapy Mastery.

You’ll also receive:

  • 6 months of training (An $8,000 Minimum Value)

There are 3 classes each month – on the first three Tuesdays of each month. Each class lasts 90 minutes, and all are taught by me personally (Evelyn Apostolou).

Classes are taught via teleseminar. You can take the entire Hypnotherapy Mastery course from the comfort of your home or office!

We offer classes as two different class times. You must pick one of the two class times when registering. (You can switch from class to class during the certification program if your schedule requires it.)

9 am PT | noon ET

4 pm PT | 7 pm ET

All calls will be recorded, if you are unable to attend during the regularly scheduled class call. (Note that you must attend 15 out of the 18 live calls to earn certification.)

Finally, CCE units are given upon request for your continued educational requirements.

  • You will be assigned to a hypno-buddy coach who is going through the program to deepen your hypnotherapy experience.(A $1,000 minimum value)
  • A training manual, in which we’ve compiled the techniques, tools, meditations, scripts, guidance, and resources you receive and learn during the program. (A $500 minimum value)
  • Class informational handouts to enhance your learning, growth, and experience.(A $300 minimum value)
  • Personalized email support for all your hypnotherapy-related questions. (A $300 minimum value)
  • A certificate of completion reflecting your status as a Certified Hypnotherapist Practitioner. (A $300 minimum value)
  • A beautiful and supportive private Facebook Hypnotherapy Mastery Family.(A $300 minimum value)
  • A logo from Quantum Edge Healing for your website and marketing material(A $300 minimum value)
  • A complimentary energy/chakra reading. I normally charge $450 per hour for these “soul sessions” when working with my private clients, but you’ll get one free during the course of 6 months together.(A $300 minimum value)

Total Value: $11,300

Requirements for certification:

  • You are required to make 15 out of the 18 live calls for certification.
  • You must attend 10 of 12 calls with your hypno-buddy.
  • You will need to provide 6 case study healing reports. Don’t worry – I’ll give you an outline and teach you how to do these.You will have until 30 days after the last class to submit your case studies.

Your Investment

The total value of all you’ll receive in Hypnotherapy Mastery is $11,300. But you’ll invest only a fraction of that price to earn your certification.

Tuition for the Spring 2018 Hypnotherapy Mastery is only $2,697.

With tuition this low, you’ll be able to easily recoup your financial investment with a handful of clients. (And good news – we’ll be working on marketing your new hypnotherapy practice during our last month together … so that you can quickly get out there and find new clients.)

We also offer payment plans that allow you to pay in 3 or 7 installments. To get details, use the buttons below to select which session of the program you wish to take.

HypnoAMbtn HypnoPMbtn

Payment plans are available. Click on the button above to view.

Taking the Hypnotherapy Mastery course with Evelyn was one of the best experiences in my life, and I have grown so much, both personally and professionally. This course was very thorough and jam-packed with information — you really get your money’s worth! I’m taking away a much deeper understanding of the many powerful techniques that I have added and am now using within my own practice and my clients’ feedback has been very positive and enthusiastic. I highly recommend this course and it will change your life!

Dee Ballington

QSCA Life Coach and Fertility Hypnotherapist

Why the Hypnotherapy Mastery Certification Program Earns Rave Reviews

Evelyn’s Hypnotherapy course was amazing! First of all, Evelyn’s teaching style is fluid and easy to follow. You will not get a more authentic and thorough learning of Hypnotherapy anywhere else!! Secondly, this course really helped broaden my understanding of the subconscious mind and how it can often times sabotage our efforts to live a more optimized life, and how we can use hypnotherapy to access this part of the brain to not only enhance our potential, but truly heal the past pain and trauma holding us back in life. The processes we learned have taken my coaching practice to a whole new level!! For anyone wanting to gain a better understanding of how our brain works in relation to our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies I highly recommend this course – you will not regret it!!!

Christie Woods

I loved the very positive atmosphere in every class as we all checked in with high expectations and also got to know each other as Hypno-Buddies and class mates. Anyone who knows Evelyn from the QSCA will know her unique and very infectious magic and enthusiasm!

The level of training was perfect for me coming with no previous experience or understanding of Hypnotherapy other than the “entertainment” we’ve all seen on TV. The course quickly dissolved the many misconceptions that many of us arrived with and gave us great grounding and understanding of the vast subject of how the mind works and how we can help access “lost” information for healing, coaching and personal growth.

I found the suggested reading extremely helpful and learned a huge amount that then complemented everything we learned in class.

I very quickly gained understanding in to how different parts of our brains process and store information in quite different ways and how through hypnosis we can access vast amounts of forgotten memories or even information we were completely unaware of ever processing. Hypnosis is an exceptional tool for opening up my coaching to a whole new dimension and I learned so much about the use of hypnosis for anesthesia and pain control and Past Life Regression which I already use in my own life.

Although it was a lot of information to learn and put into practice in such a short course, the response, very personal support and encouragement from both Evelyn and Lisa was always available to keep us on track with genuine care and understanding in true QSCA style!

I very highly recommend this course for any QSCA coach as it will open up whole new dimensions to your coaching services and your own personal growth!

Colin Horkley

I was honored to be in Evelyn’s first Hypnotherapy class and I will never regret the investment that I made. I knew I had to be there. I love having Evelyn as a teacher. She holds you in a space that allows you to be just who you are.

I will say that I should have bought bigger manuals to begin with because the student gets A LOT of useful information. And my one sadness is that I wish this course could have continued for another six months to a year. Yep, it’s that deep and that fun and that enlightening. But beyond that, the course changes you in ways that you couldn’t imagine. You are able to see yourself in whole new dimensions and apply the knowledge to yourself as much as you would a coaching client.

From a coaching perspective, I find that the practical application of the course material is stellar. I’ve incorporated it, and will continue to incorporate it, with all of my clients. I think it’s that practical AND that life changing. It’s an advanced course, make no mistake about that. But it, as well, advances us as students and as Divine Beings. Who could ask for better than that?

Dawn Wilk

It’s Decision Time

Are you ready to step up and play a bigger game… to help your clients achieve results faster and more easily … to help more people and create a bigger ripple in the world?

Then I encourage you to reserve your spot. The course is filling quickly, and registration closes on March 4th.

And know this: When you become a certified hypnotherapy master, you WILL be able to help people faster. A word of warning about that…

For some, the idea of helping clients achieve results faster actually triggers contraction and fear. An inner voice says, “But if I help clients achieve results faster, they’ll move on more quickly … and then I won’t have steady work.”

I highly encourage you to challenge this thinking and recognize it for what it truly is: Scarcity thinking.

The truth is … the universe is abundant and will send you more clients as your capacity grows.

The more people you help … the more your reputation as a healer will grow.

The more your reputation grows … the more referrals you’ll get.

The more people who seek your help … the more you’ll be able to charge (if you want).

The more your revenue grows …. the more you’ll be able to expand your team, ensuring you get the support you need and freeing up your time to focus on delivering your gifts to the world.

The more you’re focused on your core genius and delivering your gifts … the more connected you’ll be to your highest self.

And the more connected you are … the more abundance and flow you’ll experience.

As a Master Level Law of Attraction Coach, Reiki Master, and Author, taking the Hypnotherapy Mastery Course is absolutely one of the best decisions I have ever made. Offering Hypnotherapy to potential clients has increased my business easily and effortlessly. I now have medical doctors referring patients to me for a range of issues: weight loss, smoking cessation, anxiety and many more.

During the course, Evelyn’s love, wisdom, and teaching mastery helped me make major shifts in my life. I held subconscious beliefs that were keeping me from making a bigger impact in the world, and with one short session during our class, everything shifted for me. I am now a published author and I’m extremely excited about growing my business to reach more people.

Thank you Evelyn for the beautiful, bright light that you are; and for creating a course that has changed my life and will continue to touch the lives of those I serve. You are an angel.

Kathy Wells

It’s Decision Time!


Reserve Your Place Now !

Are You In?

If you’re ready to support yourself and your clients to transcend personal and professional blocks in your lives and soar to higher levels of success and achievement

If you’re ready to add proven, results-driven toolsfor lasting change, expansion and growth, and achieving successful results your skill set to keep you firmly on the cutting edge of growth and self-mastery…

If you’re ready to help others step into their greatness and fulfill their purpose

Lock in your spot for Hypnotherapy Mastery now.

With love,

Evelyn Apostolou and Christy Whitman

P.S. Registration closes March 4th –– or when the course reaches capacity. Reserve your spot here.
P.P.S. Payment plans are available. Select which session of the course you want to attend to see full details.

HypnoAMbtn HypnoPMbtn

P.P.S. Want to see even more rave reviews? Click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Isn’t hypnotherapy about controlling people? That seems unethical to me.

No. This is a myth, and nothing could not be further from the truth. The client is always in control.

As a certified hypnotherapy master, you are empowered to ethically influence others while being in your full integrity. You help clear subconscious blocks so that your clients can connect with their highest, authentic selves and super consciousness.

If this answers your question, register here.

Q: I’m already trained in other modalities (e.g., NLP, EFT, Time Line Therapy, Past Life-Regression, and Transformational Healing Methods). Do I really need hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy can be combined with other modalities, and I’ll be teaching you how to do this during the course.

Hypnotherapy amplifies the results of other healing methodologies. That’s because hypnotherapy bypasses the conscious mind and works directly on the subconscious, clearing the blocks and psychic debris that otherwise cause resistance.

Hypnotherapy is also great to incorporate into your existing coaching, massage, therapy, counseling, acupuncture, and/or acupressure practice.

If this answers your question, register here.

Q: My schedule changes. May I switch between the a.m. and p.m. classes as my schedule allows?

No, for two reasons.

First, we’ll be working closely together, and building trust will be important. This is hard to do when the members of the group are constantly changing. For the sake of group bonding and coherency, you’ll be asked to pick a session.

Second, it creates a tracking nightmare. Each class starts with roll call, as you must attend a minimum of 15 of the 18 classes to earn certification. Because we have much to cover in each class, we want to streamline this process.

Remember, all calls will be recorded. If you truly can’t attend a class, you may listen to the recording.

If this answers your question, register here.

More Rave Reviews

I would really like to let everyone know that if you are considering taking Evelyn Apostalou’s Hypnotherapy Class, that you will be making a great choice for yourself and your future. The information contained in this course is so powerful and healing that it gives so many benefits to the way you can choose to live your life. Another added bonus, is that Evelyn is the BEST teacher on the planet. Do yourself a favor and take this class!

Susan May

It is very hard to put into a short sentence or two how valuable I personally found the Hypnotherapy Mastery Program course taught by Evelyn Apostolu, owner of Quantum Edge Healing Institute! The course content was absolutely incredible! Evelyn promised that at the end of the course we would had a treasure map full of ideas, processes and scripts to use with clients and ourselves, and boy did she deliver! The bonus meditations we received created such healing and growth to my own spiritual journey that it left me in a new space than I had been before this course. But the best part of the course is Evelyn! Every time I listen to the recorded classes I hear a new message that feels like it is encoded with pure love from the highest Source delivered at exactly the right time in exactly the right way! As a “beloved” student of Evelyn, you are held in the highest energy field of love and respect and her belief system is so unwavering, supportive, and solid it reminds me of and accentuated the teachings of the Course In Miracles perfectly for me. Upon completion of the course you will be blessed with a manual, resources, and knowledge that will allow any coaching practice to operate at a higher level of abundance through your knowledge of everything from the practical – such as weight loss guidance, quitting smoking programs, and pain relief to the quantum world of past lives, sub personality work, and angel healing. I cannot recommend this course enough – if you are feeling called to take this course – it is only in your very best interest to invest in yourself and your career and sign up! Peace and so much love!

Roxanne Woods

It was not only an amazing honour, I also feel very blessed to be part of the very first Hypnotherapy Group. The information, love and beautiful energy that Evelyn has presented to us could not possibly be surpassed in any other course. The meditations have such a powerful impact for both ourselves and our clients in not only a healing manner but transformational as well! I have taken many courses throughout the years but I have never experienced the love, wisdom, inspiration and such beautiful energy which Evelyn has created in this class.


A class led by Evelyn changes your life-the course of your life-the very tapestry of your life! As you begin your journey with her and your classmates, she directs/collects the energy of the group, and magically it becomes a heartbeat…the heartbeat of the group growing stronger with each experience so richly distributed throughout the course. Hypnotherapy is a vast and energetic field, and nowhere have I laid eyes on anything close to hers. She is the standard bearer. Her disciplines in curriculum development would cause Einstein a double take! And yet, it is spellbinding to receive the abundance of knowledge offered so easily, as Evelyn delivers and teaches with compassion, love for her subject matter, her love for learning, and love for her students. Evelyn as a teacher is like a 911 dispatcher who hears your calls for help, finds resources and encourages all will be fine and “here’s the thing-you’ll get this!”-a gardener who plants the seeds for growth, waters and gives access to light so knowledge will grow-a tour guide introducing “the mesmerizing”, showing us new adventures and explaining the fascinating new things we’re presented with, and an artist as she puts herself in her work with passion, emotion and heart while she molds our minds and hearts around this dynamic field of hypnotherapy! It’s like a piñata party!….she breaks open the piñata encompassing the course and out falls the gifts of wisdom showering all her students!! I am at once exhilarated by learning from such a Master-and then quietly humbled that I have been afforded the privileged to be so. She’s a gift to all who know her!

Thank you Evelyn, from my heart- ♪“Who can say if I’ve been changed for the better, I do believe I have been changed for the better. And.… because I knew you-I have been changed…..for good…”♪

Christine Walden

The Hypnotherapy Mastery Class is essential for all serious healers. If you truly want to broaden your sphere of intuitive awareness, energy and knowledge this is the program for you! Evelyn Apostolou is not only an astonishing instructor but she is an amazing, generous, gentle and loving healer. Through her teachings all of these characteristics landed right in my heart center while my knowledge deepened and expanded in the most magical and unexpected ways as the program unfolded.The course materials are amazing. When I completed this course Evelyn had supplied me with an unbelievable bundle of resources and processes to serve me so I am fully equipped to serve others. Further, Evelyn provided a plethora of meditations to help guide me as my knowledge built on the generosity of her wisdom. If you are looking to increase your depth of healing skills and expand your coaching options….say yes to Hypnotherapy. I am grateful for the experience, you will be too!

Cathi Measures

Evelyn’s Hypnotherapy Mastery program is a complete program, well thought out and designed…and more. Evelyn always delivers from her heart rich content, techniques,interaction, community, support and flow throughout. This program is no exception. Each class builds on the last. The student is taken on a beautiful journey of learning,expansion and deep awareness benefitting both the student and their hypnotherapy clients. A wide variety of tools and techniques are provided so that students have professional flexibility to support the uniqueness of both their practice and their clients.My own journey and path continue to open and become more joyful even now that the class is over. I feel immense grounding and more flow. My personal growth has been profound and I bow with deep gratitude for the gifts arising and for the beautiful souls and strength held in the container of our student field. Yes, it was life changing! Withopen heart, I deeply believe that everyone can benefit.

Carol Lang

For several years I’d wanted to become a certified Hypnotherapist, but the timing wasn’t right, something always needed more of my attention first. While life was happening, and lots of it!, I began taking several QSCA courses along my way (LoA, Light Body, EMAC), fulfilled a desire and became a working coach, and was deeply doing my work in tandem to ease and grow from all those “happenings.” All in the last four years! 🙂 The processes and changes in me, a life-long achieving go-getter, were undeniable as inevitable. Long-time friends and peers seemed like they couldn’t help but freely comment, and often! It was all good—I was becoming freer and freer. For the first time in my speed demoness life, slowly to free.

One day, I “suddenly” thought about Hypnotherapy again, “Yes, now would be awesome. I wonder where I can find a course?” I queried the Universe. Within the hour, my wonderful LoA teacher Evelyn Apostolou In boxed me an invite for what looked like an amazing Hypnotherapy certified course. When I ask and the Universe answers, I for one, don’t dare say no!

To say this course was life-changing for me, is an understatement. It was the rug that brought my whole room together. All the coaching modalities, my lifelong psycho-behavioral, spiritual philosophies I’d practiced in my previous work and business, all of those (possibly seemingly) disparate things came together through Hypnotherapy Mastery (HTM) course taught brilliantly by Evelyn.

Evelyn had a visionary dream, and it culminated five years later in this beautiful, insightful, bursting toolkit of a course that had me saying week after week, “Yes! That was the best class!” And meaning it. Every week. She covers much in a short time, revealing the richness that is Hypnotherapy—it’s not just swinging pocket watches for amusement anymore. From its history, to sub-/super-conscious mind, relaxation, Shadows, EFT/tapping, NLP all the way back to the future to Past Lives (and more), this course is a textured, dimensional, multi-faceted gem that stretches and opens your body-mind-spirit to help you help your (-self first!) clients at depths a single modality could not otherwise offer.

Evelyn is a knowledgable visionary, voice and spirit whose teaching style is just the right touch (she is sensitively responsively attuned to the energy of her students and class container along the way), and her wisdom is both intelligent and conscious. The fact that this course is bursting at the seams with content somehow feels sane and digestible the whole time through, as Evelyn embodies a practical sagacity that encouragingly suggests that you can be/do it, too!, and in your unique way.

Evelyn Apostolou and her brilliant HTM course are the real deal. Period. No mas. Finito.

Whether you are going through life shifts, want new tools for your clients, are a lifelong student, or just have your curiosity piqued about HTM, if you are turning this over in your mind, this course is likely for you. All my relatively recent major life changes, all the learning and practicing The Work, truly came together for me through this course because this earth angel named Evelyn Apostolou not only taught me a subject, but showed me about the alchemy of life, and the blessing each and every one of us has in Divine Timing and that we are all one, All is One. Get the door!

Simone da Rosa

It is in my heart to leave these words about this life changing course. First I want you to know that I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn from you and exchange energy. For that there are no words that could truly express what I feel internally. Profound gratitude and Love to you.

Hypnotherapy Mastery with Evelyn has opened a door into my subconscious mind that has taught me and is allowing me to serve my clients on a level that so impacts their lives. This course has taught me to step into my true greatness. It has been a life changing experience.

Jason Richardson

Once again, Evelyn Apostolou has surpassed herself. Evelyn has so much love to share that it overflows into her teaching, programs, and in the plethora of fascinating information that she joyfully provides. If you have not taken one of Evelyn’s courses, you are in for a treat for there is no better mentor/teacher with such a sincere and deep concern for her students.

If you are interested in elevating your awareness, learning new tools and skills to use professionally or personally, while assisting your clients, loved ones, or yourself in achieving lasting results swiftly and efficiently, then the Hypnotherapy Mastery Certification Program is for you. This course will assist you in tapping into your true essence and super-conscious mind. Aside from the course materials, Evelyn surprises you with fabulous healing bonuses.

As a recent graduate, I can attest to the benefits, growth, and expansion you will receive from this course. If you are ready to transcend your life, then this course is for you.

Elena Goycoechea

When I first heard about this class I “knew” I had to do it for me and the byproduct would be learning additional tools to help others. What I discovered was …this class delivered so much more than I anticipated! It is powerful for self- exploration, understanding, healing, expanding and of course sharing and working with others. This will take you to a whole new level! It most certainly has me, and I am So Very Grateful!

If you’re looking for a deep dive into exploring the mind, body, spirit connection this is the class for you; and I promise you don’t want to do this with anyone other than Evelyn! She expertly uses hypnotherapy as the strong base and vastly expands from there presenting and incorporating other techniques, modalities, processes, and coaching all working together or alone depending on preference and need. She also does a wonderful job blending the science and research with the metaphysical aspects.

Tammy Craig

This has been an amazing journey and the tools and techniques Evelyn has given us has been so powerful. Just being able to use self-hypnosis has been priceless. I use it to help me fall asleep at night when my mind and body are restless from the day’s activities and it works beautifully and best of all, quickly.

The biggest personal breakthrough came when I did the Wise Mind process with Evelyn. I was in the middle of my first Telsummit with my business coach and I was experiencing extreme agitation and anxiety about the upcoming interviews. My stress level was at an all time high and my blood pressure was going through the roof. After only two rounds of the deep breathing, my mind relaxed and I became amazingly calm. I couldn’t believe it. When asked how I wanted to feel, I replied I wanted to feel calm, relaxed, confident, but most of all I wanted to enjoy myself and have fun. I tapped into those new feelings and anchored them with the words, “I am a joyful wonder.” The next morning (I had a scheduled interview that afternoon) I felt amazingly calm. The jitters, foreboding and anxiety were gone. I sailed through the interview feeling exactly the way I had wanted to feel. But what was even more amazing. The negative feelings never returned. I had 21 experts to interview and hypnotherapy helped me release my fears on the the third one. As for my clients, I helped one client get very clear and unstuck about writing her next book.

I can’t say enough about this program. It can help you and it can help your clients. I was hesitant at first at signing up because I was in the middle of the QSCA and I didn’t want to overwhelm myself with another program. But I had been drawn to hypnotherapy through cd’s from Steve G. Jones and knew I wanted to be a part of these amazing, healing processes. And to have Evelyn as the instructor was the icing on the cake. I am so glad I took the plunge. I have watched myself expand and grow that would not have been possible without it. I can’t wait to see how it will transform my life and the lives of my clients.”

Catherine Clift

Being a participant in the Hypnotherapy Mastery Class was a wonderful experience; one I will treasure. Eveyln’s love, support and leadership filled the class with transnational light and energy.

So much was accomplished in 6 short months. In addition to building a firm foundation to include inductions and hypnotherapy processes, Evelyn added EFT – Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique), weight loss, smoking cessation, past lives regression, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and marketing to get your hypnotherapy practice off to a great start.

The content was top notch, but what made the course so valuable was Evelyn herself. She is the consummate professional, knowledgeable and open to sharing herself and her experiences. She made the course come alive.

Evelyn provided all that is needed for success including scripts, processes and additional bonus meditations to enhance learning and self -growth. I really hated to see it end, but I feel confident and secure in gaining so many practical tools to add to my coaching practice.

Cathy Brown

When I signed up for the Hypnotherapy Mastery Class I knew it would be amazing, however the content of the class exceeded what I thought we would receive. As Evelyn does she gave us everything we needed and more, from processes meditations guidance as needed. The classes were always jam packed with incredible teachings much beyond one would find in a standard hypnotherapy class. Evelyn let us know how to find blocks in chakras and clear them, she taught EFT, BSFF & TFT, as we progressed we learned NLP and time line therapy. I now have an expanded tool box with so much more to assist clients in clearing and shifting blocks and limiting beliefs. I am so grateful to Evelyn for creating such an amazing class and encourage you to consider taking it, if the content speaks to your soul!

Maimuna Jaffer-Thomas

It has been an amazing journey learning from one of a kind heart centered teacher Evelyn Apostolou. I am deeply grateful for all her wisdom. Love and Light that had been shared to us through the whole course. This Hypnotherapy Mastery Course had opened so much possibility in my coaching practice, and deepened my understanding about how the mind, body and soul are connected and need to be treated as a whole.

There is so much information and techniques that are so powerful that I am really amazed how my clients shift from each session. I feel so grateful for had listen to my heart and taken this amazing course. I am willing to shine my own light to the people around me and those who come to me for some understanding and guidance. If you are serious about taking your coaching to the next level, the Hypnotherapy Mastery Course is a must. You will be glad you did it ! So am I!!

Nancy Itokazu

I thought I knew what to expect when I decided to signup for Evelyn’s first Hypnotherapy Mastery Class. The reality for me was much different. I was challenged, opened, freed, and strengthened in ways I never dreamed possible!

It was a remarkable journey I wish for everyone!

Donna Doble-Brown

Evelyn is one of the best teachers I’ve taken classes with. She is gifted, gracious and very intuitive. Through this Hypnotherapy class you will gain tools to help release others from painful habits, downward spirals and cycles of suffering. With Evelyn’s skills and tools, she has added you will receive deep healing and be eligible for lasting change in your own life. I completed my class in August of 2017. I still use the tools and meditations to continue my personal work and healing. Get ready for a new you and a glorious and wondrous ride in Hypnotherapy 2018.

Bev Cote

I have never been hypnotized or attended any stage shows with hypnosis prior to taking this class so this was an eye opener for me.  I just completed this class with Evelyn as my teacher and I enjoyed it immensely.  Anyone that received a hypnotherapy session from me experienced very positive results.  This class will help me as a Cancer Freedom Coach.  I found myself going much deeper into my meditations.  I love the self-healing effects of Hypnotherapy.  Evelyn is a phenomenal teacher, very kind, loving, caring, patient, nurturing and is very passionate about what she does.  She is highly intuitive and her high vibrations were life changing for me.  She opened me up spiritually to a level I have not experienced previously.  This was the perfect time for me to take this class and I was so fortunate to have the perfect teacher show up.  I have had Evelyn as my teacher previously and I will be taking any class that she offers.  She gives great value and always has our best interest at heart. Thank you, beautiful Evelyn for inspiring me and teaching me how to pass on the gifts to others by giving me all the necessary and perfect tools to do so!

Saras Naidoo

Hello Evelyn,

I am in so much eternal gratitude for ​the Hypnotherapy Mastery training this year with you! It was a profound process of transformation which I want to pursue as part of my dual practice alongside Massage Therapy.

Hypnotherapy Mastery deeply nourished me and my clients because it plugged us into source energy in all of its diverse manifestations such as, the breath, visual sensory imagery, voice/tonation/resonance/sound. These qualities have the capacity to calm and harmonize the nervous system.  As a result, body, mind, spirit, and soul align and there is deeper peace, harmony, and allowing.  I especially loved creatively working with intention and imagination through the portals of the collective unconscious, subconscious, archetypes, inner guides, inner healer, inner shaman, inner child, inner parents, animal totems, and elemental energies. Your richly heartfelt mentorship and emotional holding of our group was awesome! My experience in Hypnotherapy Mastery inspired me to deeply trust source and my inner guidance. As a result, I decided to move to Victoria, BC, Canada where I will be starting a new massage therapy job at a multidisciplinary clinic; continuing to facilitate Hypnotherapy; live closer to my sister/family and connect with a new beloved and creative community! Evelyn, thank you for being in my life with your abundant love, generosity, fierceness, compassion, and wisdom this year​!

Much love & light

Mary Gillian Vellet

QSCA LOA Certified Life Coach

QEHI Certified Hypnotherapist

Specializing in Grief Support

Reiki Master Practitioner

ULC Ordained Ministe

AADP Essential Oil Practitioner

I started my spiritual journey when my daughter Jill died in 2009. I had many questions and had no idea where I would end up or what I was even searching for other than answers. Since Jill’s death, I have found through my own experience, and my 9+ years working with support groups that many times after a loss, especially death, that we get stuck and tend to just let life happen. We are so programmed by our past experiences and we are not even aware of it. I met Evelyn through my Life Coaching classes. She was such a kind, gentle and loving spirit, a beacon of light. You just felt so lifted in her presence. Although my coaching had really helped me to empower those in my groups rather than try and fix them, I knew there had to be another way to reach those who were so stuck at a deeper level. When I read about the Hypnotherapy class I knew that was it. This would help my people reach a level they had never reached before and to open themselves to endless possibilities of freedom not only in their mind but their body and spirit. I was finally able to help them reach a level of peace, to find their true purpose, and to become true to themselves, reaching those that at one time seemed unreachable. I highly recommend Evelyn’s Hypnotherapy Mastery Class to anyone who wants to truly help not only themselves but others reach a new level, tearing down the old and polishing the new. I guarantee working with Evelyn is an experience that will stay with you forever!!!

Marilyn L. Babuscio

Taking Evelyn’s Hypnotherapy Mastery Course was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. When I signed up for the classes, I expected to receive valuable information about hypnotherapy, but Evelyn took me far beyond my expectations. During the course, I grew and expanded in my personal life.  I was able to resolve some issues I have had with never feeling good enough. It was such a beautiful experience.

Often in the past when taking courses, I have procrastinated about getting my work done in a timely manner. As a result of improving in my personal life during the course, I stayed right on top of getting my work turned in on time or ahead of time. This was a first for me, and it felt very empowering.

The information presented in each class is of great depth and is not only high quantity but also high quality. I received an extensive amount of valuable information.  After completing the class, I feel that I was well prepared to help my clients to achieve their goals through hypnosis.

Working with a hypno buddy was a rewarding experience which I truly enjoyed.  This aspect of the class helped me with support which I often needed.

I always enjoy taking any class taught by Evelyn because I feel truly loved and supported by her. I know that she will help me with absolute mastery of the information being presented.

With love and gratitude,

OH! BABY Life Coaching, LLC

Gwen Dempsey

I have nothing but praise for this outstanding course. Within the first few sessions I knew that hypnotherapy was my niche for my coaching business. The training material and the hypnosis techniques presented in this course are invaluable for self-exploration and healing as well as for assisting clients in their healing journey. This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to tap into their higher wisdom by bypassing the conscious mind and receiving direct guidance from higher consciousness. Evelyn is a delightful teacher with an enthusiastic personality. Her style of teaching, her personal warmth and caring allows for a very relaxed atmosphere among students where learning is fun and meaningful. Evelyn’s hypnotherapy mastery training is packed with a broad spectrum of study material, including a variety of meditations. Her course material will guide me in my practice for years to come. In addition, Evelyn also provides ongoing support to students outside the classroom.

Angelika M. Schmoll

Evelyn’s Hypnotherapy Mastery Course is packed with everything that you need to take your professional and personal practice to the next level. Evelyn is an amazing teacher and mentor. This course is infused with Evelyn’s passion and love for this material. She gives her students extensive tools and techniques that insure her students every success.

In addition to receiving all the incredible information and knowledge from this course, I found myself getting to the root of some long-standing issues. Through implementing the techniques while working with my “hypnotherapy buddy,” I released and healed some old wounds. As an adoptee, I have wounds from a pre-verbal age and I was able to free myself of some of those wounds. It was amazing how easily and effortlessly it all happened. I gained insight on just how powerful these techniques are and since then I have used them in my work with adoptees.

If you are thinking about taking Evelyn’s Hypnotherapy Mastery Course, I urge you to do it! This course has been much more than a Hypnotherapy course. It truly has been a gift to be in this course and to be a student of Evelyn’s. Evelyn’s Hypnotherapy Mastery Course has greatly changed me. Through the mastery of the tools and techniques from this course, I am more able to serve others in a bigger and more profound way. I am eternally grateful. Thank you, Evelyn!

Heather Holmstrom

Evelyn is the most Beloved teacher you could have! Her sensitivity and depth of knowledge make this class a JOY to participate in. You quickly learn the skill of self-hypnosis as well as how to hypnotize others. Each week builds upon the next and unfolds in a logical fashion. As a QSCA coach, being able to add this modality to my business has enriched and expanded what I am able to offer to others. During the 6 months of class, I fell in love with hypnosis!! If you feel at all inclined to study hypnosis… jump in! I highly recommend it!

With Love and Hugs,

Annette Fleming

Evelyn is an expansive, expert and heartfelt teacher beyond what I imagined. QEHI Hypnotherapy certification is well organized, comprehensive and fun! It gave me everything I needed to be a confident, effective and impactful Hypnotherapist and start my growing practice!

Evelyn is so gifted and ever present to assist with the transformational changes that arose as I awakened to my authenticity as healer and hypnotherapist When you join QEHI it’s not just a certification program.  You get a community, a family of like-minded people to go forward with and shine the Light– individually and together– which is right on time in our beautiful world.

QEHI is hands down the best of the best.


RN, Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Reiki Master

Nori Love

If you are looking to enroll in a Hypnotherapy program for personal use, or as a career, then Hypnotherapy Mastery with Evelyn Apostolou is, without doubt, the right choice! It is Absolutely Incomparable! First, Evelyn is an extraordinary teacher who is an expert in her field and she is 100% committed in giving you all the tools necessary to be the very best Hypnotherapist. Full of understanding and wisdom she is deeply compassionate about all of her students. She is Truly the Real Deal! She walks her talk! Second, I feel that everyone should take Hypnotherapy Mastery because it unlocks the mystery of how our mind works in regards to the conscious and unconscious parts of our mind, and how the four different states operate. Understanding of this is necessary for change in one’s life.  Evelyn covers everything you need to make any change in your life, which are not serving you, and how Hypnotherapy can transform your life. Everything! Plus, every class is recorded for future reference. Evelyn’s classes always take you on a Journey in discovering your True Essence! Third, support is always available via email or phone. Rachel, Evelyn’s assistant in charge of support, Rocks! She has always, alone with Evelyn, returned my messages promptly. Fourth, it’s a small investment in return for what you get. It’s loaded with all kinds of Gems, Gold nuggets and Diamonds! Awesome!

Millions of Blessings + 1!

Craig Casey

The decision to enroll in Evelyn Apostolou’s Hypnotherapy class is one of the best I’ve made in my life.  I use it in my coaching practice and it has taken my practice to a whole new level.  Clients love the hypnotherapy and ask for it to be included in their sessions.  Most of our behavior is controlled by what is going on in the subconscious.  That is why hypnotherapy makes so much sense.  It allows the hypnotherapist to bypass the conscious mind and speak directly to the subconscious.  The client is in control all the time and can choose which suggestions to act on, and yes, they get great results.  Evelyn is a loving person.  She has a special kind of energy and I feel enlivened just being in her presence, even on the phone.  She is also very well-organized in the way she presents the material.  When I thought of questions between classes, I emailed her and got quick responses.  I eagerly anticipated every single class!

Denise Gallagher

The Hypnotherapy Mastery is a powerful, impactful and extraordinary program that goes deep into the subconscious mind, working deeply with energy. Evelyn, a Certified Hypnotherapist with the National Guild of Hypnotherapy, is a Master in this most profound work. Each week, Evelyn gently and exquisitely guides you through the most fascinating information building upon the previous week’s providing a complete manual of brilliant techniques, inductions and valuable information that will help support your coaching clients become aware of and release their most challenging repetitive, habitual behaviors – such as smoking, nail biting, weight loss, sugar cravings, insomnia and other addictive behaviors.

Hypnotherapy is healing modality which bypasses the critical mind using relaxing, soothing inductions and opens the subconscious mind where empowering suggestions can be accepted by the client, incorporating new positive beliefs. Evelyn enthusiastically and masterfully leads you through this most phenomenal program, providing deeper insights and tools to use with clients to obtain dramatic and faster relief and results. Evelyn eloquently, brilliantly and humbly delivers this most incredible information that is a must for everyone – it is the deeper knowledge and understanding necessary to arrive at the root cause. Thank you, Evelyn, for this most valuable and sacred program!!

Maria Foschi

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