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July 31, 2017


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“Becoming a Reiki master connects you with the highest vibration of energy in the universe. Deliberately creating the life you were meant to live becomes an easy and magical process. Reiki is life-changing – and something every conscious person should master.”

~ Christy Whitman, New York Times best-selling author and founder, Quantum Success Coaching Academy

Dear Friend,

As a conscious, enlightened seeker … you’re on a journey to discover your truth, connect with your Higher Self, and live your life in accordance with the Universal Laws of energy that govern how the game of life is played here on Earth.

You’re ready to uncover your soul’s purpose … and live the rest of your life in service to the planet.

You’re ready to let go of the baggage, blocks and other symptoms of the human condition so that you can live a life of ease and grace.

You’re ready to deliberately create a life that bigger, better and more beautiful than you’ve ever dared to imagine … finally mastering the art of manifestation.

You’re probably prepared for a lengthy journey, marked by pitfalls, missteps and lots of hard work.

But what if I told you there’s an easier way … a shortcut of sorts?

There is. It’s called Reiki.

Connect to Divine Energy – at Will

Reiki is an ancient Eastern healing method … and one of the oldest and most versatile healing modalities in the world. It uses energy to balance the body and mind – a process that benefits both Reiki practitioners and their clients.

When you become a Reiki Master (or a Reiki Master/Teacher), as I’ll teach you to do in my Reiki Alchemy Immersion certification program, you become a channel for universal life force energy. This energy is pure love and vibrates at the highest frequency of all energy in the universe.

In short, it’s the energy that seekers like us are trying to connect with and embody. It’s the energetic state we’re seeking.

Now you have the opportunity to learn how to connect with and share Reiki with others.

Introducing Reiki Alchemy Immersion

Over the course of 3 months (or 5 months, if you wish to go all the way and become a Master/Teacher), I’ll guide you through the initiations, attunements and process of becoming a Reiki master.

The Reiki I share and teach is of the Usui Shiki Ryoho System of Natural Healing lineage, which is one of the original healings to come to the West.

Reiki Alchemy Immersion also incorporates alchemical healing – something no other Reiki Mastery program does, as far as I know.

Alchemical healing is both a school of knowledge and a spiritual path that leads to an enlightened presence. Alchemy builds a bridge between being human and the divine, the seen and the unseen dimensions of reality, between matter and spirit.

I will teach you how to create that bridge and show you how everything that shows up in our lives is sacred, connected, one heart, one spirit. True alchemists descend into the depths of their own souls to recover the treasure buried in the matter of their instinctual lives … and to be reunited with the divine.

I had already taken Reiki level I and II before in person with other teachers, so was not sure how this distance class would work. It turned out that Evelyn’s Reiki Master Teacher course was way beyond my expectation. Evelyn’s energy and passion for Reiki, as well as her teaching have made a dramatic change on how I practice Reiki now. She is so passionate about it, and teaches us more than what the standard Reiki classes normally teach in class. I really like how she transfers her knowledge to us, and keeps encouraging us to follow our own intuition and inner guidance. This has opened a wider door for me to explore more about Reiki and beyond. She is extremely caring, and very knowledgable about what she teaches. I am so grateful to have Evelyn as my Reiki teacher. Thank you Evelyn!

~ Annie


The Role of Life Force Energy

So why is connecting to life source energy critical for living our dream, “having it all” lives?

In short, we are energetic beings. Our physical bodies are just one aspect of our entire being – the component that we can sense most easily.

We also have subtle bodies made of high-frequency energy. This energy – or life force – is what supports our physical bodies.

Maintaining the proper flow of life force energy through our bodies is critical for health on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Disruptions in life force energy can result in diminished function in the physical body – and even affect our ability to manifest the things, people and experiences we want.

Life force responds to our mental and emotional states. When we accept limiting beliefs, negative thoughts or low-frequency feelings about ourselves or the world, it disrupts our life force, creating blockages in our energetic bodies. Life force can’t flow properly. Our vibration is lowered. And sometimes the blockages manifest as physical ailments.

Reiki treatments restore the flow of life force by balancing the body and mind.

What Reiki Is and How It Works

Traceable to early Buddhism, Reiki is a 2,500-year-old healing modality in which a giver (also called a Reiki practitioner or Master) channels energy toward a receiver. The Reiki practitioner gently places hands on or above the receiver to channel powerful life energy (known as reiki, prana, chi or qi).

The source of this power energy is the universe – not the practitioner. Limitless and pure, the energy is guided by its own inherent wisdom and the giver’s loving intention.

Reiki flows to wherever it is needed to promote balance of body, mind, and spirit. When it encounters a blockage in the energy field, it charges the area with positive energy. This charge raises the vibration of the area … and the negative energy that is trapped there falls away.

As Reiki dissolves energetic blockages … the body, mind and spirit are restored to a state of balance – and raised to a higher level of vibration.


Offering Benefits to the Body, Mind and Spirit

Reiki can be an effective way to treat immediate problems, such as physical or mental illness. Regular treatments can improve overall health. By helping to maintain a state of physical and emotional balance, Reiki can treat problems – and perhaps even prevent them from ever developing.

Reiki receivers agree that treatments benefit their bodies, minds and spirits. Here’s a look at some of the most common benefits they report:

Physical Health

Reiki can help people suffering from a variety of ailments and is often used as a complementary therapy to conventional treatments in hospitals. One of the greatest benefits of Reiki healing is stress reduction and relaxation, which triggers the body’s natural healing abilities … improving and maintaining health.

Reiki practitioners and their clients report a variety of physical benefits from this healing modality, including:

  • Pain relief
  • Boost and improve the immune system
  • Faster recovery and healing from surgical procedures
  • Improve blood circulation and stop minor bleeding
  • Cleanse organs such as the heart, liver, kidneys, spleen, gall bladder and lungs
  • Treat physical symptoms of imbalance, including chronic and acute conditions, stress-related disorders, sinus conditions, menopause, migraines, cystitis, asthma, chronic fatigue, arthritis, back pain, sciatica, insomnia, depression and more
  • Reduce side effects from medications
  • Heal from injuries faster
  • Improve athletic performance
  • Increase energy levels
  • Improve the quality of sleep

Mental and Emotional Well-Being

Reiki balances the mind and emotions, which can result in a variety of benefits:

  • Heal mental and emotional wounds
  • Enjoy deep relaxation, comfort and peace
  • Work through dysfunction
  • Create newfound closeness and intimacy in relationships
  • Enhance your ability to love and open you to people around you
  • Expand your capacity for intimacy so you can connect with people on a deeper level
  • Enhanced learning, memory and mental clarity
  • Clean and clear emotions that drain your energy
  • Facilitate the grieving process
  • Improve confidence and self-esteem
  • Promote creativity

Spiritual Growth

Reiki helps bring about inner peace and harmony, making it a valuable tool in the quest for spiritual growth. According to past students, you can expect to:

  • Connect more deeply to your intuition
  • Gain clarity about your soul’s purpose
  • Strengthen and heal personal relationships
  • Feel a stronger presence with and connection to your clients
  • Discover your calling
  • Experience an expanded state of consciousness
  • Uncover hidden and unknown talents
  • Gain peace with who you are and where you are in life
  • Embrace and appreciate challenges in your life as opportunities for your soul’s growth
  • Increase your self-confidence and sense of empowerment
  • Easily master the Universal Laws – including the Law of Attraction

I had the utmost honor of being a participant in Evelyn’s most recent Reiki Alchemy Immersion Program and to say it changed my life would be a vast understatement. I can say that it was one of the most magical experiences I have ever participated in. I enhanced my power there. I found a calling from deep within me. And I came away knowing myself on a much deeper level. I also have expanded my abilities with energy work that has just deepened my relationship with, not only myself, but the Divine within all of us. This is not a road for everyone, although I think it should be! But if you are open and want to shatter, then transmute, the things in your life that are keeping you stuck and unsure of possibility, give yourself the gift of Evelyn’s presence within this course. It will open you up in ways that you have no way of knowing now. But in the end, you WILL BE inexplicably and beautifully changed forever.

~ Dawn Wilk


Become a Certified Reiki Master in Just 3 Months

Reiki Alchemy Immersion is a 3-month certification course that I offer with Christy Whitman and the QSCA. (If you wish to become a Master/Teacher, the program lasts an additional 2 months.)

When you enroll in this popular reiki certification program, you’ll receive my personal instruction and support in learning how to:

  • Use Reiki to heal yourself
  • Give Reiki to help your clients and patients
  • Use Reiki to facilitate greater levels of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing
  • Incorporate Reiki into your existing practice and use it with other healing modalities and techniques, such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique, Time Line Therapy, Past Life-Regression, and Transformational Healing Methods … as well as coaching, massage, therapy, counseling, acupuncture, acupressure and more
  • And much more

One of the most powerful “side effects” of becoming a Reiki Master is that you experience the same benefits as your clients and patients each time you share Reiki. When you plug into life source energy, it goes to where you need healing … and then it moves through you to the person to who you are giving Reiki.

In essence, you will be your first Reiki client.

The Quantum Edge Healing Institute’s Reiki Program is THE best Reiki certification program available. By taking the Reiki course with Evelyn Apostolou, I have realized my potential as an energy worker and healer. This program has awakened my own sensitivities to, and abilities to work with, energy in an effective and healing way. I’ve learned how to read my clients’ energy field, and now have a multitude of tools to facilitate healing on a deep level.

I love using Reiki not only with my clients, but with my family and children as well. I’ve given my children Reiki treatments to help them heal from illness, pain and insomnia. I’ve also personally manifested wonderful connections, ideal clients and greater income by using the Reiki tools that I learned through this course.

Evelyn Apostolou is a powerful healer and a supportive, loving instructor. I highly recommend the Quantum Edge Healing Institute to anyone looking for THE best Reiki certification program. It’s changed my life!

~ Rachel C.


h2 align=”center”>Is This Certification Program Right For You?

Reiki Alchemy Mastery is designed for people who want to learn Reiki to help others, such as:

  • Coaches
  • Therapists
  • Counselors
  • Teachers
  • Practitioners
  • Healers

Most of our clients have existing businesses and use Reiki to boost the results they’re getting with their clients.

However, Reiki may be a new career path for you. Either way, the Reiki Alchemy Immersion Certification Program will help you master this powerful skill quickly and easily. Here are some questions to help decide if Reiki is right for you:

  • Do you want to be a healer and impact other people’s lives in a positive way?
  • Have you been on a path of growth for a while? Are you ready to be on an accelerated path of growth?
  • Are you interested in experiencing higher, expanded states of consciousness?
  • Are you sensitive to energy? Do you want to learn more about subtle energies and how to work with them?
  • Do you believe you deserve to have a wonderful, joyful and abundant life?

If you answered “yes!” to one or more of these questions, Reiki Alchemy Immersion is right for you. Reserve your place now.

If you are considering embarking on this journey, then this path is for you. Taking the Quantum Edge Healing Institute’s Reiki Alchemy Immersion Certification Program whether as an Advanced Reiki Practitioner or as a Certified Master Teacher is life-changing. It is a unique program developed by Evelyn Apostolou that not only teaches you the basic tenets of Reiki, but also allows you to experience an even greater expanded state of consciousness as a result of the Alchemy Immersion and the extra natural healing bonuses she provides. You will learn all of this while being enveloped in a cocoon of love for there is no better mentor than Evelyn. She gently but firmly guides you to leave your comfort zone in order to develop yourself spiritually for in your quest to help and heal others, you become your first client. Whether you are a newcomer to Reiki or have had some previous training, this program is right for you. If you are somewhat hesitant because this is an online course, fear not. Since Evelyn connects with each one of her students personally, the energy is palpable—even over an internet connection. You will find yourself anxiously awaiting the next class.

As a recent graduate, I have been blessed and privileged to be Evelyn’s student. Under her tutelage, I have discovered unknown talents and awakened my intuition. The tools I learned have also benefited my coaching clients for these skills transfer over to any field. In a short time, all of my goals have been manifesting at a rapid speed. I have found that there is a definite correlation between the Reiki/Alchemical sessions I perform and the clarity, appreciation, and self-transformation I gain. Taking this course has had a profound effect on my life. After taking this course, you will also find this to be true!

~ Elena Goycoechea

Meet Your Instructors

About Evelyn Apostolou Evelyn is the founder of the Quantum Edge Healing Institute. She is a Quantum Success Coaching Academy Master Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach with dual certifications. A Certified Hypnotherapist acknowledged by the National Guild of Hypnotherapy. Managing Director of the QSCA as well as Lead Trainer and Instructor. She is a Master Intuitive Energy Reader and Healer with an extensive background in energy work and chakra balancing, as well as a Reiki Master/Teacher. Evelyn is wisdom-keeper and sacred circle holder as well as an ordained Universal Life minister.

In her practice, she addresses the whole person — mind, body, and spirit — and empowers you to lead a more fulfilled, balanced, and effective life. By weaving in successful coaching principles, hypnotherapy tools, archetypal energies, and the Law of Attraction, Evelyn assists her clients with tapping into their own inner wisdom to achieve their goals, visions, and dreams. The foundation of her healing work is that an open heart is the gateway to higher awareness, and that divine love energy heals, catalyzes, and transforms the human body, mind, and soul.

About Christy Whitman

Christy Whitman is a transformational leader and the New York Times bestselling author of The Art of Having It All. She has appeared on The Today Show and The Morning Show, and her work has been featured in People Magazine, Seventeen, Woman’s Day, Hollywood Life, and Teen Vogue, among others.

Christy is the CEO and founder of the Quantum Success Coaching Academy, a 12-month Law of Attraction coaching certification program. Christy has helped thousands of people worldwide to achieve their goals through her empowerment seminars, speeches, and coaching sessions and products. Christy’s life-changing message reaches over 200,000 people a month, and her work has been promoted by and featured with esteemed authors and luminaries such as Marianne Williamson, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Marci Shimoff, Brian Tracy, Neale Donald Walsch, Abraham-Hicks, and Louise Hay. She currently lives in Montreal with her husband, Frederic, and their two boys, Alexander and Maxim.

Two Levels of Training – Pick the One Right for You

Reiki Alchemy Immersion includes two levels of training:

  • Join us for just the main course, which include Reiki Master Levels 1, 2 and 3 (Classes 1-10). This option is great for people who are new to Reiki and/or who want to use Reiki on themselves and with others.
  • Expand your education, knowledge and energy even further and continue to Level 4 – the Reiki Master/Teacher degree. This option is designed for people who want to maximize their mastery of Reiki and then teach others how to use it. (Tuition includes enrollment in Reiki Alchemy Immersion – Levels 1-3, which must be completed before participating in the Master/Teacher classes.)

I have been working as an energy medicine practitioner for almost 10 years now. I had always wanted to take a Reiki course but the opportunity didn’t present itself. What I noticed during and after the Reiki classes was that the energy in my hands seemed more refined. I integrate Reiki in most sessions with clients and I’m noticing clients sharing a bigger effect from the energy sessions I’m giving.

Using Reiki symbols to boost my focus and use more refined energy has allowed me to step into my personal power at a deeper level. My only regret is that I didn’t complete the teacher’s training and certification. I’m excited to do that at my next opportunity because I’d like to be able to share this simple and effective energy morality to help others change their lives.

Evelyn is such an awesome teacher. The way she has formatted and teaches Reiki is phenomenal. She explains everything well and is so good at answering and explaining anything that I didn’t understand fully. When I received the attunements, I could feel the energy shift during each one. I also noticed a difference in my palpatory skills when working with clients. Evelyn’s class helped me take my therapy practice to whole new level by being able to offer distance sessions to clients.

~ Michele

Take a Look at What You’ll Learn

Main Reiki Alchemy Course

(10 classes – Levels 1, 2, and 3)

Level 1, 1st Degree

Class 1:

History of Reiki

Benefits of Reiki

The “5” Reiki Principles

The Attunement Process

Differentiating Factors Between Reiki 1st Degree, 2nd Degree, 3rd Degree, Reiki Master and Reiki Master/Teacher

Chakra Energy Centers


Class 2:

Treatment Guidelines

Power Importance of Intentions

Self Treatment and Hand Positions

Reiki Prayer: Intention of a Session

Treating Others or Treating Yourself

Techniques for Manifestation

Reiki 1st Degree Attunement

Class 3:



Creating Ritual/Altars

Invoking the Directions


Cords/Cord Cutting

Evelyn will provide energy/chakra readings

Level 2, 2nd Degree

Class 4:

Reiki Symbols

Symbol Variations

How to Use the Reiki Sacred

Hands-On Healing Techniques

Scanning and Beaming Energy

Class 5:

Removing Energy Blocks

Distance Healing Techniques

Grounding Techniques

Emotional/Physical Protection

Manifesting Using Sacred Symbols

Reiki 2nd Degree Attunement

Class 6:

Accessing Universal Life Force

Activating the Fire Mist

Protection and Empathy

Transmitting Energy

Evelyn will provide energy/chakra readings

Level 3, 3rd Degree Master Level

Class 7:

Level Three Master Symbol

Amplifying Hands-On &
Distance Treatments

Chakra Tune-Up/Self Tune-Up

Re-programming Techniques

Enlighten and Meditation Techniques

Class 8:

Reiki Grid

Reiki Symbols

Crystal Wards & Psychic Surgery

Crystal Grids

The Reiki Triangle for Manifesting

Reiki 3rd Degree Attunement

Class 9:

The 5 Element Symbol System

Healing with Elements

Healing with Spirit Allies

Four Rules to Healing

Evelyn will provide energy/chakra readings

Class 10:

Bonus Chakra Class!

Master Teacher Reiki Alchemy Course

(17 classes – Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4)

Level 4, Master/Teacher Degree

Class 11:

Teaching Guidelines

The Attunement Process

How to Give an Attunement

Preparing to Teach Others

Master Teacher Symbol

Class 12:

The Auras Defined

The Aura’s 7 Layers

Seeing Another Person’s Aura

Seeing Your Own Aura

Sensing Auras and How They Interact

Aura Protection

Reiki Master/Teacher Attunement


Class 13:

Advanced Alchemical Healing & Formula

The Caduceus

Akasha/Akashic Record

Healing the Healer/Self-Healing

Awakening the Healing Power of the Heart

Evelyn will provide energy/chakra readings


Class 14:
Bonus Alchemy Class (pre-recorded sent as
a recording with a handout.)

Healing with Sacred Sound, Instruments, Songs, Chants

The Violet Plame to Heal Body-Mind-Soul

Class 15:

Healing Circles

Working with the Plant Animal Kingdom

Creating Light Pool

Astral Level Healing

Sensing the Energy Field

Class 16:

Ways to Market Yourself

Reiki Healing Sessions, Reiki Classes, & Workshops

How to Integrate Reiki with Other Healing Modalities and/or Coaching

Reiki Master/Teacher Attunement

Class 17:

Alchemical Gold

Archetypal Energies

The Four Principles of Alchemical Healing

The Crystal Cauldron

The Crystal Cauldron Ceremony




Here’s What the Course Includes

You’ll receive a private login to our student portal, which houses all of the information, archived calls, bonuses, and resources that you receive as part of Reiki Alchemy Immersion.

You’ll also receive:

  • 3 months of training in Levels 1, 2 and 3 (An $6,000 Minimum Value)

    There are 3 classes each month – on the first three Tuesdays of each month. Each class lasts 90 minutes, and all are taught by me personally (Evelyn Apostolou).

    Classes are taught via teleseminar. You can take the entire Reiki Alchemy Immersion course from the comfort of your home or office! Our teleconferencing system allows you to join via Skype or over your computer via a webcast option. There are also local dial-in numbers for the U.S., Australia, Canada and the UK.
    Classes are held at 6 pm PT / 9 pm ET. All calls will be recorded, if you are unable to attend during the regularly scheduled class call. (Note that you must attend 70 percent of the live calls to earn certification.)

    Finally, CCE units are given upon request for your continued educational requirements.

  • For those enrolled in Master/Teacher, an additional 2 months of training (An extra $4,000 value)

    These classes also held the first 3 Tuesdays of each month.

  • A bonus class with Evelyn teaching advanced chakra work. This will be held in the third month of training. (A $300 minimum value)
  • You will be assigned to an energy buddy who is going through the program with whom you may practice your new skills. (A $1,000 minimum value)
  • A beautifully illustrated training manual, in which we’ve compiled Reiki processes, techniques, tools, guidance, and resources you receive and learn during the program. (A $500 minimum value)
  • Class informational handouts to enhance your learning, growth, and experience. (A $300 minimum value)
  • Personalized email support for all your Reiki-related questions. (A $300 minimum value)
  • A certificate of completion reflecting your status as a Reiki Master OR Reiki Master/Teacher. (A $300 minimum value)
  • A beautiful and supportive private Facebook Reiki Alchemy Immersion Family. (A $300 minimum value)
  • A logo from Quantum Edge Healing for your website and marketing material (A $300 minimum value)
  • A complimentary energy/chakra reading. I normally charge $450 per hour for these “soul sessions” when working with my private clients, but you’ll get one free during the course of 6 months together. (A $300 minimum value)
  • Connection to the Usui Shiki Ryoho System of Natural Healing lineage and Evelyn as your teacher for life (Priceless!)
  • Plus … a personal sacred gift for the first 10 people to enroll (Priceless!)

Total Minimum Value: $9,600

Requirements for certification:

  • You are required to participate live in 70% of the calls. For Levels 1-3 participants, this means attending 7 of the 10 calls. For Master/Teacher participants, this means attending 11 of the 16 live calls.
  • Master/Teacher participants must provide 8 case study healing reports. Don’t worry – Evelyn will give you an outline and teach you how to do these. You will have until 90 days after the last class to submit your case studies.

I have never had a teacher that has such an amazing and authentic love for people and teaching as Evelyn Apostolou. I decided that Reiki was the next step I wanted to make in my journey. I looked at classes available in the local area, but still decided to trust in Evelyn since her course offers so much more for a similar price. I love the beauty that Reiki has brought into my life. I am still at its beginning, but Evelyn delivered so much in our 6 months together that I will always be grateful for this teaching. I have never met Evelyn personally, but you will feel like you have known her for years.

Thanks Evelyn for being so loving and caring as any teacher should be.

~ Will Leddy


Your Investment

The total value of all you’ll receive in Reiki Alchemy Immersion is $9,600 — $11,600 if you’re enrolling in the Master/Teacher level.

But you’ll invest only a fraction of that price to earn your certification.

Tuition for the Fall 2017 Reiki Alchemy Immersion is only $2,197 – and the Master/Teacher level tuition is $2,997.

However, because you attended our Everything You Need to Know About Reiki informational teleseminar, you qualify for a steep tuition discount

  • For Reiki Master Levels 1-3, you’ll invest just $1,397. .
  • For Master-Teacher, you’ll invest just $1,797.

With tuition this low, you’ll be able to easily recoup your financial investment with a handful of Reiki sessions. (Better yet, once you’re connected with Reiki energy, you may find it surprisingly easy to manifest the money you need to cover your tuition.)

We also offer payment plans that allow you to pay in installments. To get details, use the buttons below to select which session of the program you wish to take.


Main Course

Levels 1-3



Master/Teacher Course

Levels 1-4


This course was very exciting and easy learning. Taking this course and applying the information has improved my health, kept me cold and flu free while others around me were sick. I found myself to be happier, healthier, information came to me easier, and I manifested $2,700 dollars. I successfully and effortlessly applied the Reiki processes I learned to help friends and loved ones. I am blessed to have found a Reiki Instructor who is very informative, kind hearted and with a beautiful soul as Evelyn Apostolou. I looked forward to every class, which was a real treat!

~ Dana K.

Why the Reiki Alchemy Immersion Certification Program Earns Rave Reviews

Evelyn, I would like to extend my sincere and immense appreciation for your influence in my life as my Reiki teacher. I so much looked forward to each group session we had together. Your energy was so impactful each and every time you shared your wisdom and experience. The group you brought together was genuine and supportive – I always felt a strong sense of community on my Reiki journey (and still do!).

Your encouragement to focus on self-care has been a life-changer. When I began, I was struggling to stay positive in a negative work environment. I was feeling stuck and trapped for over two years. You and Reiki have helped me get through the many challenges in light and love. I have since manifested a new job in a positive work environment that enables me to spend more time with my family! Woo Hoo!

Of course, another benefit has been sharing Reiki with others to support their healing. My job change also enables me to share Reiki with others more often. Much gratitude and love to you Evelyn! Thank you for sharing your gifts!

~ Kim A.

If I have to describe Evelyn’s Reiki Mastery & Teacher Course with only one word, I would have to use “Phenomenal” in an attempt to cover such a vast amount of terms! She is such a kind, compassionate, loving instructor who makes the learning process so inviting and desirable. She teaches in such a way that you feel her with you every step of the way.

And THEN, you start finding out how well Reiki works for you and everything and everyone in your life and it’s always with you to draw on. I absolutely recommend Evelyn’s course if you are considering becoming a Reiki Master and you want to do it from your own home.

~ Mary D.

I am so immensely grateful for all that I have learned and experienced during the recent Reiki Mastery course with Evelyn Apostolou. I wasn’t sure how a Reiki class could be taught via distance learning, but the classes were so powerful, healing. and deep that I was very sorry to have the course come to an end! Evelyn is such a wise and caring teacher and she shared so much information and so many helpful processes that have already had a very positive impact on my own life and Reiki practice with others. It is such an amazing gift to be able to experience the healing power of Reiki and to share this beautiful energy with others and with the world.

I highly recommend this course!

~ Ellen Wetzel


It’s Decision Time

As a student of the Universal Laws and energy, you know that the higher you can raise your vibration, the easier and faster it is to manifest exactly what you want – from physical possessions and financial abundance … to loving, supportive relationships … to fantastic health … to joy, peace and love.

Becoming a Reiki Master gives you a shortcut to access this high-vibration state.

By using Reiki on yourself, you’ll be able to clear any energetic blockages that are lowering your vibration. Once energy is flowing properly and your vibration is raised, you’ll:

  • Feel connected to yourself and your own energy and true power
  • Return to your true nature
  • Release many of the patterns that are no longer serving you
  • Be informed by all your parts so you can expand or change each area
  • Heal at a deep level – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually
  • Experience a deeper connection not only to yourself, but to everyone you are in relationship with, including your clients
  • Become a more masterful manifestor … so you can create what you want in all aspects of your life, including your business
  • Gain more confidence in yourself as a coach
  • Attract more quality clients and make a bigger impact and more money

Attract more quality clients and make a bigger impact and more money
And after you’ve done these things for yourself … you can share Reiki with others to help them experience the same life-changing results for themselves.


Just completed Evelyn’s Reiki Program at the Master Teacher level. Evelyn is a beautiful soul, a tremendous teacher and motivating mentor of Reiki. The energy and guidance Evelyn provides throughout this course is quite special.

I highly recommend this course. It is a treasure! The sound fundamentals are there, of course, and then Evelyn adds an abundance of additional material to enhance, educate and inspire. The program and the practice of Reiki is truly life changing. It is also a perfect complement to the QSCA coaching program, adding yet another layer of energy for helping others improve their lives. Everything is energy and can benefit from Reiki.

~ Carol L.

Space Is Extremely Limited

To ensure that each student gets plenty of attention and support, enrollment is Reiki Alchemy Immersion is strictly limited to 25 students.

This is the only time that this program will be offered in 2017. Don’t miss the opportunity to tap into the limitless life force energy of the universe. Reserve your spot today.

With love,

Evelyn Apostolou and Christy Whitman

P.S. Registration closes Monday, July 31 — or when the course reaches capacity. Reserve your spot here.

P.P.S. Payment plans are available.

P.P.S. Want to see even more rave reviews? Click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “I’ve already taken Reiki training before and been attuned by another teacher. Can I still take this course?”

A: Yes, if you have taken Reiki 1st degree and/or 2nd degree and stopped, you can go through the entire training with me. It doesn’t even matter if you have already become a Reiki Master or Master/Teacher with someone else. You can become re-attuned.

Reiki Master Teacher Evelyn Apostolou’s Quantum Edge Healing Institute’s Master Reiki program empowered me to a vibrational energy level that feels amazing! The Reiki master program provided me with valuable and extraordinary healing tools to continue my growth as a healing practitioner. My awesome and divine journey of awareness just got better and more compassionate because I invested in the Reiki Master Teacher level program

When I signed up for the Reiki Master level program I was a second level Reiki practitioner that had never practiced Reiki. I did not practice Reiki because I didn’t really know how or what I was doing. I was attuned; I remember that, then given symbols but not how or why I was supposed to use them. There was a lot missing from the weekend Reiki course once the weekend Reiki course was over, it was over.

Reiki Master Evelyn’s Reiki Master’s program was different, it was organized and Evelyn Apostolou is a true Reiki Master Teacher. She provided me with all of the knowledge that I did not receive when I took the 2 weekend courses to be a Reiki practitioner. Master teacher Evelyn’s Reiki Master program allowed me to ask questions and receive answers and guidance throughout her program. I learned how to give self- healing treatments on myself… What an awesome healing treatment! Now I give myself daily healing treatments and I feel fantastic!

I can’t say enough about Reiki Master teacher Evelyn’s Quantum Edge Healing Institute and her Reiki program other than, invest in the Reiki Master program and I guarantee you, your spirit will rejoice.

~ Lola! Love,, Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner

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Q: I’m already trained in other modalities (e.g., NLP, EFT, Time Line Therapy, Past Life-Regression, and Transformational Healing Methods). Do I really need to learn Reiki?

A: Reiki is great to incorporate into your existing coaching, massage, therapy, counseling, acupuncture, and/or acupressure practice. It’s easy to combine Reiki with other modalities, and I’ll be teaching you how to do this during the course.

By mastering Reiki, you’ll learn how to connect with life source energy and create a space where your clients can connect to it, as well. Connecting with this high-frequency energy makes it easier to bring up and release blocks that are holding you back, take bold and consistent action toward your goals, and fulfill your life purpose – all things you are probably working to help your clients do already.

Evelyn makes the classes easy to digest and really holds the space for you to understand and learn Reiki. I was really able to notice a considerable difference with the level of energy in my hands after she attuned me. You rock, Evelyn!!

Thank you for being the beautiful light you are to the world. You are a blessing and your Reiki Mastery course was one of the best experiences I have ever had. Your energy and passion have been an inspiration that has allowed the beautiful healing energy of Reiki to change my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your love, passion and Reiki!!!

Love, Light and Smiles,
~ Myli T.

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More Rave Reviews

When I signed up for the Reiki Alchemy Immersion Class with Evelyn Apostolou, I had no idea what MAGIC was going to unfold for me! My life changed instantly as I was aligned with my souls passion!

Each class brought another level of awareness and gifts that I had been searching for all my life. Evelyn has a way of igniting your heart as she holds all her students in the highest love. As I was attuned to the Reiki Energy, my gifts began to shine bright! The healing work I used in my coaching sessions was a game changer for taking my clients to the next level!

When I talk to other Reiki Master Healers, they are amazed by all that I share with my training, as we would dive into the Alchemical Healing work as well. Most Reiki certification programs do not go into the depth of study that Evelyn’s program covers.

Evelyn brings her whole heart and soul to this program and it shows in every class! I am grateful to have all that I have learned from this course but more importantly, I am grateful to have a Mentor who shines her light so bright!

Evelyn, Thank you for being the person you are, thank you for inspiring me and so many others and thank you for making me want to be the best that I can be!

~ Lisa Wilson



Evelyn, my Wonderful Master/Teacher Healer.

Her name in itself carries within it, the most Highest Energetic Vibrations; as it guides me to bow down to her in my utmost reverence.

With the deep wisdom and the vast knowledge she so innately possesses, she has so beautifully integrated it in her Reiki Alchemy Immersion Course with her nurturing care and cradling affection that she brings to each and every student individually, in her most Sacred space of Reiki Alchemy Classes.

Evelyn has blossomed me into a beautiful pink “Lotus Flower” with her powerful and sacred energies.

She has transformed me into developing my own self-healing Reiki treatment which has been the most treasured gift from her that has enhanced the releasing of my emotional pains and traumas, directing the energies toward my healing journey.

Her Heartfelt and tender guidance in my Reiki and Alchemical knowledge would be respectfully treasured and cherished for the rest of my life, and my Eternity, knowing that my Teacher, my Enlightened Guide will be right alongside me in the journey of my “Hereafter”.

I pay homage to my beautiful teacher Evelyn, and the amazing Reiki Alchemy Immersion Course that she so generously shares with her beloved students.

~ Lotus Flower

I have enjoyed the many benefits of taking 3 separate classes with the wonderful, loving and compassionate Evelyn Apostolou. I started with Coaching, and overlapped that with Light Body. I commenced Reiki training during the last few weeks of Light Body. Personally, I found that these classes didn’t interfere with one another and you don’t need to complete one course before you take another. in their own way, each of these classes compliment the other. That said Reiki/Alchemy Immersion is a fantastic stand alone class on it’s own.

Undoubtably, Reiki/Alchemy provides a Practitioner with enhanced skills to deliver profound transformation. If you seriously want to assist people into greater growth and possibility, please consider this course. Your clients will thank you. As a coach or Reiki/Alchemy Practitioner, this class will enable you to read your client’s energy, identify their blocks, and develop a concise and targeted plan to help them leap forward.

I took this class for personal development. Before I signed up, I wasn’t sold on the concept of Reiki. I had friends who had taken classes from other providers, and they weren’t impressed. One those friends advised me to save my money. Plus there were money concerns. in the midst of taking all of these back to back courses, I had lost my job. I had no idea how I was going to pay for all of this.

Here’s why I moved forward:

1. Evelyn Apostolou, she’s a person of integrity and because of that, I trust her implicitly. She is not the average Reiki Practitioner. I witnessed several of my Light Body classmates experience powerful and profound shifts after an “energy read”. The transformations she facilitated, made me want to do be able to do the same.

2. The potential of making a difference in the world

3. The promise of enhanced manifestation skills

4. the potential of greater Enlightmenment

Here’s what I got in return for my investment:

1. True transformation. I am more present and centered than at any other time in my life. While I may still get triggered by fear, I can turn that around within minutes or a few hours at most. Before the QSCA, fear was a frequent companion.

2. I had a psychic say to me that on a scale of 1-10, with 10 as an indication of instant manifestation, I am at an 8 or a 9. He said that most people are lucky if they are at a 2. This same psychic was taken aback by the sheer volume of light energy that was pouring into my head, flowing through my body and out of my hands. My intuition has grown exponentially.

3. I can – and do – make a difference in other people’s lives.

I’m going to reiterate what a former student said about this class. It’s life changing. If you feel the slightest interest – take the class, you’ll be glad you did. She also said that if you’re worried about paying for the course, set your intention that the money will show up. My tuition got paid in a series of small miracles.

I’m also going to strongly encourage you to complete the course through to Master/Teacher. No matter how far you proceed with this course, you will get a lot of bang for your buck. That said, the final segment of Master/Teacher offers up a significant measure of delicious juiciness… don’t cheat yourself!

~ Lyd Tho

This training opened so many new doors toward healing and transformation. The course was well presented and well supported. I would encourage anyone wanting to expand their abilities to consider joining this great course.

~ Wally Hargrave


Studying Reiki with Evelyn has been beyond amazing. Beside being the most loving, patient and kind teacher, Evelyn has and shares so much wisdom and
knowledge with us. The alchemical healing has added so much to my Reiki
practice and my personal healing, and is something I have never been exposed
to in my decades of metaphysical studies and healing practices.
Taking this course has been one of the greatest experiences of my life in so
many ways.
I also encourage anyone inspired to do so, to go for the Master Teacher Level classes. The Power
and Magic of the teachings and practices at that point were beautifully
transformational for me. I was so blessed to be guided by Spirit and
encouraged by Evelyn to continue on. It was life changing!!

~ Shaina Blumah

There’s a quote that I love:

Embody your highest self for the well being of others.
This fits Evelyn perfectly.

When I was first considering this course I read ALL the testimonials and it was easy to see a common theme. Everyone LOVED Evelyn!
And now I can join the chorus. Like a few others, I also had Reiki 2 training. Pondering taking the first 2 levels again gave me pause indeed. I went ahead and initially signed up for the Reiki Master level and after the first class, I knew I had to take the added Teacher training. Here is how I came to that conclusion.

Evelyn has a way about her that is so joyful and exuberant and her teaching reflects that. She is illuminating. The way I experienced that was reflected in my thoughts after that first class. In simple terms, she is so shiny, she made me feel shiny about myself. As a shy kid, I never thought I could teach a class, but my thinking was changed after being in her presence and having her wonderfulness infiltrate my own limiting thoughts and sort of shine a light on the goodness I can share. I don’t think that was her intention to do so in class but that is how I received it. And what a gift! Aren’t we all here to be our own best selves so others can also catch a glimpse in us of their own magnificence? Evelyn embodies her highest potential with grace and love, she holds up the mirror to our best selves and we easily see it.

The virtual format of this course does not hinder the amazing flow of energy that occurs. If you are considering this course I would strongly suggest you just go for the course through to Teacher level. You’ll be glad you did as the extra classes are terrific and I bet , like me, you won’t want to say good-bye to Evelyn at the end of the Master level class. I loved this course, I am now also one of the Evelyn loving choir members and I am eternally grateful for Evelyn and her heart of gold and pink and green shining so splendidly, encompassing us in warmth and radiance.

~ Mary Collins

It would not be hyperbole to say that becoming a Reiki Master-Teacher under the tutelage of Evelyn Apostolou has been life changing for me. The entire experience has opened me up to receive, channel and hold even more light than I had previously—and that was a lot!

It’s important to know that I had become a Reiki Master back in 2007 via a qualified friend. At that time, however, I was in a very different life space, and I was a different person in so many ways. I felt lucky to have received the energy and skills, but I felt much unchanged. I proceeded with my journey.

In 2016, Evelyn’s course came to me at the divine time, in the perfect way that let me know that I was now actually ready to receive this gift and blessing. An entirely different experience unfolded—this time I was ready but also, the entire course presentation and magical way Evelyn has with the material, her expert way of sharing it, and the energy that comes through her to our group, was incomparable. In so many big and small ways, this course brought a radiance and magical flow into my life (and which I can visibly see, and have had its results positively reported back to me by clients and even my own high energy animal who goes still and basks in the energy) that has been healing and life affirming.

I highly recommend Evelyn’s Reiki Master (Teacher level, all the better!) course. If you are reading this, you are very likely ready, as well.

~ Simone da Rosa

Evelyn is an amazing instructor. If you are considering taking Reiki, take it with Evelyn, will be so glad you did!! Reiki is a sacred journey, and Evelyn is such a gifted healer and her mastery is impeccable. I can’t imagine taking this sacred journey with anyone else. I learned way more than I ever dreamed I would! All of my questions were always answered swiftly and infused with her compassionate loving wisdom. She encouraged me to trust in my own inner knowing. It was an honor to learn from her and I look forward to taking more classes with her in the future.
Much Love and Light to you always!!!

~ Sharon Grimes

When the student is ready the teacher appears. Anyone who has attracted Evelyn into their life has created a wonderful gift for themselves. She is an amazing teacher and so much more. The quality of knowledge and energy that Evelyn pours into her classes is remarkable. The support and guidance I have received from Evelyn has been more than I could have ever asked for. She has always been there for me. I consider her a very close friend. Taking Evelyn’s Reiki class has changed who I am on many levels. Trust me when I say you will not be the same person after you have taken this class. There is so much more going on beyond the knowledge that is being learned within the class. Consciously and unconsciously I experienced so much energetically while working with Evelyn. As a healer, this new dimension of understanding has changed the way I look at the world. This course has been such a gift for me. If you have an innate calling to step into your role as a healer/teacher I highly recommend this class. The love and support you will receive from Evelyn will carry you to new heights.

~ Eric Dorr

This course was amazing!!! I come from a Mennonite background. So it was a bit of a stretch for me to even consider taking this course. I had to personally email Evelyn a few times before I felt comfortable. My soul is of the outmost value to me and I was not sure what I was opening myself up to. If I had known the results of taking the course, there would have been NO hesitation at all. To start with Evelyn herself is one of the most loving, honest, and generous souls I know. (She never once was pushy or salesy. I can’t stand that, and I would not have done it, if that was the case.) She said this was like uncovering hidden gems within ourselves. And I couldn’t agree more. So many classes were packed with ah-hah moments. I was starting to feel more connected to myself and different parts of my life were coming together and making sense. And there was an undeniable feeling of coming home, an inner peace through this whole process. Now for some of the results… I’m still amazed at how I can assist in helping people. I’m not the best at feeling the energy when I get a treatment. But I’m told it develops over time. Just like building a muscle. However, I can feel it transmitting to the person. My hands are usually cold – poor circulation. When I do a treatment they heat up like fireballs. I’ve had some mind blowing situations that have really built up my self-confidence. It’s an awesome feeling to know I can help my family, friends, and future clients. *One of the bonuses/major pluses I see in taking this course is… I get to have all the recordings to revisit any time I choose to. Evelyn in my pocket! LOL Don’t hesitate it’s so worth it. And Evelyn is an amazing gifted teacher that I feel blessed to have had touch my life. Much love to you on your journey.

~ Heather Lu


Taking Evelyn’s Reiki class, through the Master Teacher level, was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I was definitely meant to do this! Not even halfway through the class, I could see the benefits in helping others and myself. The most glaring example was doing Reiki on my mother just prior to her having ankle replacement surgery and the results that came from it. A year before that she had ankle replacement surgery on her right foot and the recovery was really terrible and long and painful. When she had the surgery this time around, with me doing Reiki on her right before the surgery, she was actually up and walking the same day as the surgery! She did not need as much pain medication following the surgery and her recovery time was significantly less.

That was only one example, not even halfway into the course, that was so miraculous. Since then, I have had 4 more Reiki sessions with people that had remarkable physical and mental changes for them. What is even more remarkable, is the changes I see in myself. My spiritual abilities and energetic abilities have increased. I feel so much stronger energetically and even feel a shift in my daily routine and energy level.

Evelyn’s genuine care and love is beyond compare. You know that she is invested in every single student and in every process we do. She shares so much of herself and gives so much love. I felt high after every class with her!

I truly cannot recommend taking this course enough for everyone. Whether you plan on using Reiki as a source of income, or whether you plan on teaching Reiki to others, or whether it is just something that you want to know for yourself and for your loved ones and friends, it will serve you more than you can imagine. My life is truly changed forever, having taken this class.

Evelyn, I cannot thank you enough for offering yourself and this information to all of us. I am also so grateful to God, Source energy, the universe, for providing me with the means to take this course.

With much love and light and encouragement,

~ Emily Yael Sharbani Hamilton

I had been eager to study Reiki for several years, and had friends who had become certified as Reiki Master Practitioners, but there always seemed to be an impasse when I would begin to take action and enroll in other Reiki classes. This seemed quite odd, so I zeroed in and paid close attention to this. And then Evelyn appeared….offering Reiki Master Practitioner and Alchemical Healing and the doors easily swung wide open and I enrolled without hesitation! I am certain that I was meant to wait for her to guide me along this journey!

Now to anyone who has taken a class from Evelyn, knows her, has met her, or has spoken with her, knows that Evelyn has a very special way about her. A divine and authentic essence. To begin with, her subject knowledge on what she is teaching is vast indeed, and she is passionate about what she teaches-truthfully she embodies every one of the principles of Reiki completely!

The depth and breadth of the education you receive from Evelyn’s Reiki Immersion-Alchemical Healing program is far superior to other Reiki courses being offered. In so many other Reiki programs, each course is merely one level, without the inclusion of Alchemical Healing. Evelyn’s program includes all levels and Alchemical Healing, so in actuality through her course you’re receiving a complete education!

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~ Christine Walden

I was attuned to Reiki many years ago but never really felt connected to it. Studying with Evelyn Apastolou is a wholly unique experience!! I feel so connected to the Reiki symbols and the energy. Evelyn also teaches us
Alchemical healing and together it is extremely powerful.
Evelyn is one of the most kind, loving and patient people I have ever had the grace to know in this lifetime. To be blessed to have her as a teacher is an extraordinary journey. Evelyn has so much knowledge and she gives
generously. You will be amazed at how much you learn and have access to. Give yourself the gift to study with Evelyn!!!

~ Shaina Blumah

This truly is a profound course that is both nourishing and transforming for the mind, body and soul. The classes were always infused with warm energy and Evelyn created such a safe, loving and sacred space for the group to learn and grow. I found every class to be soul deep and the attunements were such an incredible visceral experience. I feel honoured to be a Reiki Master and have become more self-loving, intuitive and empowered. I’ve always felt it was my calling to heal myself and others; I just didn’t know how. Reiki found me and I intuitively felt that Evelyn was the right Reiki Master Teacher for me. Evelyn sees the pure potentiality in all her student healers, and her ability to gracefully teach the healing arts has enabled me to confidently develop my own innate healing abilities. This has been a transformational journey for me personally and has inspired me creatively in so many ways. I could even write a book about my Reiki journey! Thank you Evelyn for sharing and teaching your unique healing gifts. Your love and light shines brightly all over the world.

~ Lam Pham

At first I was unsure of taking Evelyn’s Reiki course since I was already in Lightbody with her. All I have to say is I’m so happy I did. Not only did I gain more insight of using Reiki and how to better protect myself and help healing others, I also gained confidence using the gifts I already had inside. Reiki complimented what I was already doing and helped me trust the process of following my path. I can’t say thank you enough to Evelyn. Her methods, love and never ending support made it possible for me to open up and receive all that is available to me. Best decision I have ever made!

Thank you for being my Teacher!
~ Suzette Reyna

Evelyn’s Reiki Alchemy Immersion Course is transformational! This course is so rich with incredibly fascinating content that you can continue studying and learning long after the course has completed. Evelyn is a Master Healer/Teacher and just being in her beautiful energy is something I looked forward to each week. Her passion for this material is translated in her enthusiastic and powerful teachings. I experienced my own deep shifts beginning during the first class. Developing my own Reiki self treatment has been a gift that has enhanced my quality of life. I loved this course and would recommend it highly.

~ Tara Freed


Throughout our lives there are opportunities that completely change the trajectory of our path. So it has been in my time training with Evelyn Apostolou.

There are many others that facilitate Reiki but the major difference is Evelyn. Her energy, accessibility, knowledge and pure love transcend the phone and internet. You can literally feel her presence and her hands touching your shoulders during the various meditations. It is such a phenomenal experience.

Evelyn deep dives into the material, conveys her vast knowledge and constantly encourages everyone to ask questions to solidify and clarify their understanding.

Stay open, feel the love, learn and grow from this beautiful spirit. You will be blessed from the exchange as she shares her knowledge with you.

Enjoy The Journey!

~ Esterine Dahlstrom

I recently completed Reiki Alchemy Immersion Class taught by Evelyn Apostolou. When I started I had no expectations as I had no idea what I was getting into. Evelyn’s teaching and guidance have forever changed my life for better.

Evelyn is an amazing teacher. Her authenticity, wisdom and compassion is truly rare. I am grateful I was part of Reiki community. I am thankful for the knowledge and tools that Evelyn shared with me. I already miss the weekly sessions, but I know that if I ever need anything Evelyn will always be there. Evelyn, thank you so much for your love and support and for coming into my life.

~ Julie Boscovic

Taking Evelyn’s Reiki class has been such a blessing. I had experienced Reiki treatments in the past that I felt were the tipping point of a lot of positive change flowing into my life. When I heard about Evelyn’s class, I felt strongly drawn to sign up!

Through learning about and practicing Reiki, my life has truly shifted. I find myself more in a state of “being” rather than a state of “doing.” From this place I have become deeply connected to my intuition. Being more sensitive to feeling energy and my own intuition not only helps to guide my own life, but is also a greater service to my clients both for coaching and Reiki.

As a coach, I now feel a stronger connection and presence with my clients – as if we connect soul to soul. I feel the value I give has deepened.

Through Evelyn’s loving guidance I have been able to realize my own healing gifts and how I can help others through practicing Reiki not just for clients, but for myself, loved ones, and even beloved animals!

Evelyn creates such a sacred space that allows her students to blossom in their own unique way. During her course it really felt like I was blossoming and opening up like a flower – one delicate petal at a time.

I cherish all I have learned in Evelyn’s class and the courage it has given me to step into a new role as a healer. I will be forever grateful for the pathway this class opened up for me, a pathway filled with unconditional love.

~ Ashley Vernick


Going into the Reiki Alchemy Immersion class, all I knew about Reiki was from the webinar. It is an understatement to say that I was new to it. Who knew I would have the best teacher to introduce me to Reiki. Evelyn is the most loving teacher and person I have ever had the honor to know. Her knowledge and wisdom is worth more than gold! Not only do I have the best understanding of Reiki but also went on a journey into the depths of my soul from this class. The energy from each class was unbelievably palpable. Through Evelyn’s unconditional love and support, I have the confidence to accept that this is my calling, to be of service to others. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have been a part of this class. It takes less than a heartbeat for me to recommend this class!

~ Ebony Ruiz

Evelyn Apsotolou is one of the most loving, intuitive, profoundly gifted teachers, guides and mentors on the planet! Evelyn is such a beautiful soul with the biggest heart, and that is the place she teaches from, as she leaves no stone unturned in sharing all of her passion, knowledge, skills and techniques with each and every one of her students, holding us in a safe, supportive and loving environment, that allows us to go at our own pace for our own soul’s evolution.

Evelyn has a unique, gifted ability to create a beautiful, magical experience within the group, while connecting with each one of us, so much so, the distance between falls away, so that it really does feel as if you are actually in the class with her!

Having already had the honor and privilege of being one of Evelyn’s students in the QSCA Coaching Certification Course, I knew intuitively that Evelyn was the perfect Master/Teacher for me to study Reiki with.

I am eternally grateful and feel truly blessed to have been encouraged and inspired to follow my path by this rare and beautiful soul, who shines her own light so brightly, that others may shine their own.

The rich content of this course is absolutely phenomenal, I highly recommend this course to anyone who feels called to Reiki and the opportunity to join Evelyn as she lovingly guides you on this beautiful healing journey that offers so much more than I can begin to express in words.

~ Sharon DeSouza

Evelyn Apostolou’s Reiki classes are phenomenal. She conducts the classes in a very professional, yet personal manner, allowing the students to receive an ultimately fantastic Reiki experience. In this class, as a student I was able to feel and have experiences that were fulfilling and emotional in addition to learning the components of Reiki. The materials and Reiki sessions built my confidence to thoroughly capture the benefits of Reiki while giving me the confidence to perform Reiki on others and to teach others how to become Reiki masters.

Reiki found me a few years ago when I didn’t even know what Reiki was. In my journey, I have taken other Reiki courses, but none were as thorough and enjoyable as the teachings by Evelyn – and this included live courses.

Reiki is always open to receive you and has given us the beauty of Evelyn’s mastery to share the knowledge and experiences. Additionally, the Reiki Facebook group has netted me a new network of lifelong friends that are quite supportive in the Reiki journey.

~ Renae Whitacre


I absolutely loved Evelyn’s Reiki class! I did not have any experience with Reiki prior to taking this course and Evelyn made it easy to understand while delivering such a wealth of knowledge, expertise and how to! I was able to immediately begin applying the tools and the Reiki practice on myself and had wonderful results. I love that you can learn and apply this practice at your own pace for yourself or for others. I found Reiki to help me in all of my coaching and energy work. Evelyn’s care and love shines through her wonderful teaching and it was a gift to receive this amazing energy through her!

~ Deb C.

As I had Evelyn as a previous Quantum Success Coaching Academy instructor, I knew I would be very supported by her during the learning of this new modality. Reiki for me has really connected all the dots to who I am now and who I was before I began this journey. I use Reiki daily with myself and my family. My household is better, my self-awareness has improved, my health has improved. I’m about to turn 50 next month and I have no fear about that. It is only a number.

I believe it has strengthened me and also my connection to my family. I face challenges daily but now have the tools to deal with them and the peace of mind I feel because I know I have more control over what I allow is priceless. I am more at peace in my life and myself than I have ever been and I truly believe it is due to the daily self Reiki I perform on myself. I believe I will be supported by Evelyn for as long as I ask for support and believe her when she says we are forever connected now through Reiki. I totally love Reiki and feel blessed to have been in Evelyn’s class.

~ Lou W.

Taking Evelyn’s Reiki course was one of the best moves I’ve made. I learned so much about Reiki and energy medicine to complement my traditional medicine knowledge and experience. In addition, I was able to help myself get rid of breathing problems I had developed that were interfering with my running, and I was able to help my 15 year-old dog suffer less pain as she lived the last few months of her life.

Evelyn really cares about her students. You feel as if she’s right there in the room with you and talking directly to you alone.
The format of the course is excellent and even though people are initially impatient and don’t want to wait 3-4 weeks between classes, Evelyn explains why this is necessary and you are actually practicing Reiki during that time so that you help embed it in your soul.

Energy medicine is such an important part of life and Evelyn is helping to spread the knowledge. You can’t go wrong taking this course and not taking it will cause you to miss out on a technique that can help yourself and others around you.

~ Terrie Wurzbacher, D.O.


The QSCA Reiki classes were far beyond anything I could have ever imagined. Firstly, Evelyn has such a passion for Reiki that learning under her instruction was completely effortless. The availability she affords her students is tremendous…what a joy.

This program has opened up an endless flow of spirituality and intuitive awareness that I never knew I was capable of possessing. I’ve had the honor, pleasure and delight in working with many adults and children, as well as working on an unborn child and that is an experience I will never forget! I have provided extensive distant Reiki sessions on a child in the Intensive Care Unit which brought more gratitude then words can convey.

As I help others, the Universe helps me with chronic health issues…it’s been and continues to be an astounding journey. Whether personal, business or both, I honestly believe this class can change your life!

~ Cathi M.

Evelyn’s Reiki course changed my life! Having this gift of Channeling Reiki is so amazing and so rewarding. I am blown away with every session that I give. PLUS, Evelyn is just so amazing. Her energy is off the charts. The love she shares with us students is so comforting and special. All of the students in our class have really bonded. We all supported each other during the whole course through our private Facebook group and still do. It’s really a very special community.

To top it off, Evelyn is only a click away. She makes herself available to us for anything that comes up. I am so happy and so blessed to have been lead to her course. Thank you so much for all that you have opened me up to, I Love You! Thank you!

~ Linda A.

As I took Evelyn’s Reiki course in the fall of 2013, I realized how connecting to this loving and beautiful energy deepens my meditation practice. There is so much more to Reiki, but this gift came at the right time for me.

As I progressed in the levels of Reiki attunements, I began to have a deeper sense of my desire and commitment to help others in their processes of life success and how meditation and energy soothing are an important part of my gifts to share with the world.

I was greatly impacted by the love and connection I received from Evelyn and the other students in the course. I truly love the experience of Reiki! Through this journey I have gained clarity and commitment to my new career as a Life Coach and Healing Facilitator.

Evelyn has a beautiful energy about her. She expresses great love to the world and exudes an admirable confidence. I very much enjoy learning from her.

~ Melinda H.


Taking Reiki Mastery Program training from Evelyn Apostolou was the best decision I ever made. I could hardly wait for each class. It was good that the attunements were 21 days apart so that my body could process this and also do some releasing. I was amazed at how much releasing my body actually did.
While taking the classes, I began to feel such a sense of peace and contentment with my life. I was very happy to be able to help other people. The energy I felt when I did a session for a client was so tremendous. It really shocked me the first time I felt the power of the energy; I knew exactly which chakras needed the Reiki energy. It also surprised me that I just instinctively knew what to do. Being a conduit for the energy is such a wonderful feeling. It all hinges on pure love…the ultimate expression of love and oneness with the Universe.

I have been able to use Reiki for many things in my own personal life. I gave my automobile Reiki and have been protected during dangerous traffic incidences. I was able to get my vehicle to start during the bitter cold one Winter day after giving it some Reiki when the temperature was below freezing. I even helped a lady who came to my office looking for help to start her car when the battery had died…although I had no jumper cables, I used Reiki. Once at a mastermind retreat, I was walking through a labyrinth with my group and had set a particular intention for my walk. I noticed a rock had been over turned from its original position. On my way out of the maze, I decided to put the rock back in place which represented my intention to upright my own life. Energy zapped my hand and traveled up my arm when I touched the rock. This let me know that I am traveling on the right path with my life while using Reiki.

My life has grown and expanded by leaps and bounds because of taking Reiki training. I have thoroughly enjoyed the chance to make new friends with the other ladies who also took Reiki by being on the FaceBook page for the group. We have supported and helped each other.

Evelyn is the most wonderful Reiki Master teacher anyone could ever have. She definitely personifies the true Reiki Master who exhibits genuine love. I have changed and will never be the same again like I was at the beginning of this training. I feel so much more love for other people and genuine concern.

~ Gwen D.

Thank you again for bringing Reiki into my life and for allowing me the gift of healing and helping others.

What did you realize by taking the Reiki course?

You hear the quote that when the student is ready the teacher will come. Well this was so true about Evelyn and Reiki. I had no idea I wanted to be a part of this modality however I had taken a previous awakening class with Evelyn and I knew what ever class she was offering I would benefit from it in one way or another and boy was I right. Reiki is amazing and can be used on humans animals and plants and it can be done one on one, in groups or as a distance healing. Its versatility and ease of use empowers you to work on all who come your way and it awakens feelings of joy and fulfillment you did not know you had.

What did the Reiki class awaken in you?

A sense of empowerment and confidence I had lost along this journey of life. I knew my life purpose was to help others. I knew that brought me the greatest joy I had ever experienced but when you learn about Reiki and you realize that you can help animals and plants as well, you feel your life purposes coursing through your veins and you move from a state of wanting to help others to actually helping others. A great courage and freedom are born when you know that you can act as a conduit of good health for others and that you do not need fancy items or tools. You need your willingness to help and your belief that you can and then…miracles happen.

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~ Loreal Rhodes

Taking the Reiki Master Teacher class with Evelyn was life changing. I was actually already on the Reiki path prior to this class but I was unable to finish with my first Teacher. When I heard she was offering this class I just knew that was my new direction. I was absolutely amazed at how intimate and personal the course felt even though it wasn’t in person! Evelyn absolutely makes you feel so nurtured and you can tangibly feel her holding you in your highest vision of yourself. You really get a sense of her true passion for this work. She is so inspiring.

Since completing the Master Teacher level, I have drawn so many fascinating clients to me. I have even begun to build myself a new healing space in my home. I am amazed at how great I feel on the days I perform Reiki on others. I guess its true…as we help others to heal..we heal

~ Coby S.

Taking Evelyn’s Reiki course made me realize that I am truly meant to be a healer. Learning and practicing Reiki with Evelyn’s class has opened my energy levels where it has given me more clarity, awareness and greater expansion. Since taking her course I have helped many others to heal as well as myself. Evelyn is not only a wonderful healer herself she is also a fantastic instructor!! If healing or Reiki resonates with you, I highly recommend you take her course where you will be forever thankful that you did! 🙂

~ Laura K.

Before taking the Reiki Course, I was doubtful about my ability to use energy for healing. But with Evelyn’s loving support and guidance, I raised my vibration and consciousness to a whole new level. Not only was I able to use Reiki to heal myself of chronic pain, I also gained a clarity about our innate well-being. I now use Reiki on a daily basis and maintain vibrant health. Evelyn is a masterful and loving teacher. Training under her guidance has forever changed my life.

~ Kat W.

During this past summer, I just happened to read the QSCA Newsletter, which announced Evelyn’s first Reiki course and a companion webcast to learn what it was all about. I was extremely excited! I had certification in Reiki I and II, but for the past two years I wanted to be a certified Reiki Master. Unfortunately, there were no classes in my area. When this opportunity presented itself, I knew that the Universe brought it to me, even before I heard the webcast. Well, boy was I was right! Evelyn offered so much in this course over a five-month time-frame, it was unprecedented! Much, much more than any Reiki class I have ever heard of.

At the end of the webinar, I was more than convinced that I wanted to be a part of Evelyn’s first class. You see, she is the REAL deal!! There was only one concern. I didn’t have the entire payment at that time. I contacted Evelyn and QSCA made it possible for those who desired to be trained to split it over time. Source even worked this out!

By taking this course, I was realized that the area of healing is truly my primary focus as a practitioner. This course not only awakened more of this desire inside of me, but it provided me with the necessary tools to be a conduit for this amazing energy-form.

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~ Velma J.


Evelyn’s Reiki course exceeded my expectations. Not only did she give us the basic information normally covered in Reiki classes, Evelyn also taught us extra information not normally found in this type of course. She responded promptly to my questions via email and answered them completely. I recommend you consider taking this course from her. You will be glad you did.

~ Lois D.

Evelyn’s Reiki Course with the Quantum Edge Healing Institute has been an absolutely fabulous journey to be on. In so many ways, the simplicity and structured organization of the course materials, coupled with the sweet and kind delivery of them by Evelyn, has made this such a fun and rewarding part of my own personal evolution and growth, as well as totally enhanced my professional endeavours. Reiki comes into your life through your own calling to it, and I would highly recommend the Quantum Edge Healing Institute as a teaching foundation for both your own spiritual expansion as well as following any desire that has been borne within you to do reiki and or be a teacher. Blessings to you, and much appreciation to Evelyn.

~ Sonia

Evelyn’s Reiki course has brought about enhanced self-realization and instilled a profound sense of humility and gratitude in me. It has also improved my understanding of the interconnectedness of all that is and how we are lovingly supported on our journey through this life. Practicing Reiki, I have amongst other things, helped resolve third party disputes, allowing the natural flow of things through releasing resistance. The course provides a lot of information and is a wonderful gateway to the world of Reiki energy. Evelyn is a beautiful, gracious and loving teacher. She is extremely supportive and a true healer. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested energy work.

~ Henriikka


Evelyn is an angel here on earth! I didn’t have any formal Reiki training before taking Evelyn’s class. I had been exposed to Reiki and was intrigued by it. It seemed to make so much sense, but I didn’t know where to go to get great training. I also “didn’t have the time” to fit it into my life. Then suddenly one day, the invitation was right in front of me, like it may be in front of you. I realized that my body is MY TEMPLE while I am on this earth. In order for me to live my life as fully and powerfully as possible, creating time to tend to MY TEMPLE, makes a ton of sense! Then I can help others. “Make the time, make the investment!” I told myself. I am so glad I did!

Evelyn shared a wealth of information in her loving, caring style. Since starting the course, I have healed an excruciating scar on my leg from a surgery 15 years ago. I am enjoying pain-free living and realizing how much energy I subconsciously put into protecting my leg all those years. I am now free to use my energy in new creative and productive ways! Thank you Evelyn!

~ Kelli Connelly

I am a recent graduate of Evelyn’s Reiki Mastery Course and would like to share my experience. Evelyn’s sincere authentic method of teaching has given me the guidance and confidence I needed to believe I can make a difference with the beautiful art of Reiki healing. Her knowledge and extra bonuses she provides in the course makes it extra special. Overall you will walk away with a great understanding of Reiki; the confidence of the healing powers it provides and the continued support of Evelyn!

~ Laurie Lafontaine

When Evelyn Apostolou started her Quantum Edge Healing Institute last year, I definitely knew that this was the perfect place for me to go for my Reiki training. I had known for years that I wanted to learn Reiki; I just hadn’t found the right place before then. I was so very blessed to have Evelyn for my teacher when I became a Certified Law of Attraction Coach through the Quantum Success Coaching Academy. She is the most loving, caring teacher! Attending her classes feels like being enveloped in the most beautiful, safe, loving energy space imaginable! So I knew without a doubt that she would also be the most AMAZING Reiki teacher and, I was absolutely right! Her Reiki course really is the cream of the crop! She gives you so much more content than just Reiki and all the loving support you could ever dream of having. I have gained such a deep understanding of the Reiki healing energy and how we function energetically as individuals and interconnected beings here on this earth in many new and different ways

Evelyn’s Reiki course has been the catalyst to completely transform me and my life and has abundantly blessed me, my friends, family and coaching clients. As a result of learning how to focus my healing abilities with Reiki, I am able to help others and myself find better health, healing, wellness and wellbeing in the most simple but miraculous ways. My personal life has definitely become more abundant and my professional life is much more successful since I have taken her Reiki Course and learned how to focus my creative energy with Reiki. “It just keeps getting better and better”…!

Thank you so very much Evelyn for creating such an INCREDIBLE Reiki program!!!

~ Nada Howarth
Reiki Master Teacher Practitioner | LOACC | Light Body Graduate | BSN


I am so immensely grateful for all that I have learned and experienced during the recent Reiki Mastery course with Evelyn Apostolou. I wasn’t sure how a Reiki class could be taught via distance learning, but the classes were so powerful, healing. and deep that I was very sorry to have the course come to an end! Evelyn is such a wise and caring teacher and she shared so much information and so many helpful processes that have already had a very positive impact on my own life and Reiki practice with others. It is such an amazing gift to be able to experience the healing power of Reiki and to share this beautiful energy with others and with the world.

I highly recommend this course!

~ Ellen Wetzel

Evelyn’s program met all my expectations of receiving a wonderful Reiki training all the way through Master Teacher. Her documented manuals are very helpful tools to refer to. The attunements were very powerful. It was wonderful to receive this training remotely to fit into my busy work and travel schedule. Immediately I would use what I learned and am using the knowledge to do Reiki healings as well as use it in my Business and Life Coaching practice. For example, I performed a distance healing on my mother from the Yucatan as soon as I was told I could do this. When I talked with a nurse about my mother’s progress the next day after the treatment, the nurse said that the day of the treatment and the first part of the day after the treatment, “You would not believe the progress she has made from the day before.

Thank you Evelyn. I have fallen in love with my Reiki abilities and I know also I have received a really terrific Reiki guide.

Thanks, love, light, and gratitude,

~ Mary Delaat

Evelyn has beautiful energy which radiates through her Reiki Mastery Course. I was not really clear why I was doing it to start with but felt a calling to do so. This simply laid out and incredibly powerful course has absolutely answered that question. I would recommend it to anyone who is or wants to be a healer and wants to expand their experience exponentially. I have picked up amazing insights and wisdom which have and are still changing my life every day. Thank you Evelyn!

With calm and clear energy for life,

~ Andy Lawrence Owner Planet Calm
Owner | Planet Calm


Evelyn Apostolou is a one of a kind teacher. The love and individual care she gives to her Reiki students is unmatchable. There is real, tangible energy that is transferred between Reiki student and teacher that eradicates any issue of distance. I am beyond thrilled with my decision to study Reiki with Evelyn. It was a life changing, energy expanding, healing experience and one I can now share with and pass on to others and further my ability to make a real difference in this world. I am happy and grateful! Tons
of love!

~ Heather O’Neill

My experience with Reiki was extraordinary and above all expectations. Evelyn is such an authentic, wise, genuine, competent and supportive teacher that can only be an inspiration for others.

My journey through this powerful healing tool nicely surprised me on how many different ways it can miraculously aid. The way I’ve learned to practice Reiki by Evelyn, definitely enriched my life tremendously and have brought me more awareness of how to connect with my truth and sensitivity about energy and places with whom I come in touch.

Much Love,

~ Anna Juricic

I wish there were words for what a wonderful experience Evelyn’s Reiki class was for me. I have wanted to learn Reiki for some time now and have tried other on-line classes but I just didn’t get it. Evelyn is filled with loving energy that radiates with her every word. She really helps you to understand Reiki energy and how to apply the principles so that it evolves naturally. It has been a life changing experience for me. I am so happy I took the class.

I have fibromyalgia and experience continuous pain throughout my body with bursts of unrelenting pain in my back, legs and arms. I get so exhausted that I am unable to drive and at times I am unable to get out of bed and nothing seems to relieve the pain. After receiving my first Reiki attunement my back pain went away and has never returned! On the rare occasion I do experience some pain, I just apply a little Reiki and I am off and running again!

During my Reiki teachings I noticed little differences happening in my life, difficult things just seemed to work themselves out, life just became easier. People noticed that I was under less stress and enjoying myself more. I was more confident, relaxed, and had a knowing for just what to do or what to say. Even my marriage became stronger and more loving, and my children wanted to be more involved in family life.

My first Reiki “experiments” were on my pets. We rescue dogs and horses and with that comes physical and mental pain they carry from their past. Not really sure this “stuff” was going to work, I would sneak session either hands on or distant and received great results right away! My pets love it, licking me and nudging me to continue. It has definitely improved their lives!

Reiki has been a life changing experience for me! I would highly recommend Evelyn’s class! She IS love and light and genuinely cares for every student giving them all the attention and guidance they need, not only to complete the class but to enjoy a new happier life.

Thank you Evelyn for who you are and for all you have done!
Many Blessings,

~ Karen Ann


Evelyn is a power house of energy, love and wisdom. She is the perfect teacher for Distance Reiki training. I experienced my first Reiki Master training in a “hands on” class and was very curious how this would translate into a distant teleseminar class, especially when it came to the attunements. I promise you there is no difference in the energy transfer. In the distance class you feel, and are all connected on an energetic level, a pure level, with no physical distractions that are normal in a physical group setting. During the attunements I fully experienced them as if it was one on one. Reiki will enhance your life! For me this class really ramped up and reawakened my energy work!

~ Tammy

I’m so glad that I made the decision to take Evelyn’s Reiki Mastery course and I have to say that it was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time. The course, combined with Evelyn’s truly amazing teaching and coaching skills, have re-ignited a flame in me that I thought was extinguished a long time ago and I now feel much more positive about my life’s purpose, passion … in fact, my whole life in general.

I completed Reiki 1 several years ago but, at that time, felt as though I got nothing out of it however, this time round, with Evelyn’s passion and energy, it was completely different. Because of this course I have become much more self-aware and positive and my relationships with other people have improved dramatically. I’m also much happier to allow the real ‘me’ to shine through and less worried about what other people might think.

I completed Reiki 1 several years ago but, at that time, felt as though I got nothing out of it however, this time round, with Evelyn’s passion and energy, it was completely different. Because of this course I have become much more self-aware and positive and my relationships with other people have improved dramatically. I’m also much happier to allow the real ‘me’ to shine through and less worried about what other people might think.

‘Reiki Mastery’ has truly been an incredible experience for me and I cannot recommend the course highly enough.

Thank you so much, Evelyn. You have, literally, changed my life.

~ Denise Mitchell

From the moment I was born I knew that there was something more than just the physical world. I was different with my perception and understanding of emotions, energy, kindness and most of all broad perspective. As a kid I was looking for guidance from adults, but for them I was scary different with my abilities. In lack of their knowledge and living there lives in scarcity, they tried to convince me that I am mentally ill and NO human, just Jesus Son of God had healing and transforming abilities.

As a teenager, I found many healers and teachers and got many qualifications but not much knowledge. All was hidden as they were joking that I am from different planet with my strong abilities. I am grateful for strength and connection with my Soul and Spirit that took me through life experience without harm. My life is reach in life experiences that would full fill many single lives. I am qualified as a Gestalt Therapist in Psychology, Bioenergy Therapist, Jikiden Reiki, Shaman, Ayahuasca Shaman and Therapist, Crystal Healer.

Recently I obtained from Quantum Edge Healing Institute Certificate of Completion The Usui System of Natural Healing Reiki 1st, 2nd & 3rd Degree Master Level. Evelyn Apostolou is a Reiki Master with open conciseness. Her life is based on loving, providing Universe. Her teaching are base on sheering and cooperation, as all is energy base on point of attraction. Quantum Edge Healing Institute will provide you in Master Mind Level of understanding, living with and feeling energies as well as ability to channel energy through you at any moment with joy, love, happiness and ease. With Evelyn you will find Master in You. All knowledge is shown and clear that Reiki seems so natural as breathing.

Before when I was providing client with Energy session felt like work. I was tired after session at any time. Now energy flows through me effortlessly with ease and light. I am using my intuition and inner guidance with out attachment to last result. And miracle happens at all time. All stick energies released when client is ready to move forward. All is in harmony with current intend.

All is good with Love. I am supporting my clients in there transformations. Master yourself by finding Master in you in The Quantum Edge Healing Institute.

~ Mariola Sekowska


I absolutely loved Evelyn Apostolou’s Reiki Mastery Class. Reiki is something I’d thought about learning a few years ago, but then I let the idea go. I never really felt certain about where to go for that and ultimately the time just wasn’t right for me. Fast forward to winter 2014 when I was mid-way through the Quantum Success Coaching Academy with Evelyn as my amazing instructor. When I heard she was accepting new clients for her next Reiki course, I knew instantly THIS was the right time. What made it “right” pretty much had everything to do with Evelyn. She is just so wonderful – so supportive, caring, loving, understanding. She is a born teacher and the PERFECT person to learn Reiki from. It didn’t matter to me that this was a telecourse, because just knowing Evelyn, I knew this course was going to be just as powerful, if not more so, than an in-person course. Evelyn’s energy and demeanor is so beautiful and pure; that is the kind of person I wanted to receive a Reiki attunement from.

One of my favorite parts of my day is starting off with my morning Reiki. I’ve learned I can instantly heal my own sore throats and connect to others via Reiki energy. There was also a time my sister and I hadn’t spoken in a few months. One morning I sent her some Reiki and within minutes she called me! It was really awesome. I love this stuff.

On another note, I didn’t start like some other students who had already had experiences of feeling hot and cold hands or other noticeable energetic happenings in their lives. I’d been told before I have “it” or a healing energy of some sort, and on some level I knew this, but I didn’t start having some of the experiences my classmates were already having until I went through the course and practiced my skills. Even now, I can tell my experiences are still unique to me – as yours will be to you. Anyone can do this. We all have access to it. If you’re feeling called to add Reiki to your life, I definitely recommend Evelyn’s course.

~ Kim O’Neill

Taking Evelyn’s Reiki classes has been a wonderful, fun, enlightening experience for me. I am so happy that I made the decision to take part in her online classes. I have learned many different techniques and am practicing to discover which of these work best for me. The most important concept though that I have taken away from this experience is that we all have an innate ability for energy to flow to us and through us…and now after taking this course I also know with conscious intension, energy can be directed sending healing light and warmth and love to not only someone or thing in need of it but to the whole of the Universe. Everything is connected. Thank you Evelyn for lifting everyone in our class and making us all feel so very special! Many blessings to you always…

~ Janet Wright

I am so thankful that I enrolled in Evelyn’s Reiki Mastery Course. This course of study resonated deeply within me and has helped me to help myself and others. Reiki is definitely something you don’t put up on the shelf to use later. I love working with Reiki energy. Thank You Evelyn for offering this course!!

~ Carla Simpson


I feel enormous gratitude to Evelyn and the universe for being my guides on my Reiki journey.

I will admit that I had to give a lot of thought to doing the Reiki Mastery class as I was already committed to doing other classes. I now suspect that it may well have been one of the best decisions I have ever made to go ahead with the class.

I was not looking to have a major change in my life, I was pretty content with myself and my spirituality but I thought Reiki would be a nice add-on to the modalities I already had.

Nice is such an ordinary word don’t you think? I wasn’t really prepared for how deeply Reiki has strengthened my spirituality and my journey on this early plane.

Evelyn is a talented and wonderful teacher with a beautiful heart. I am very honoured that she was my teacher.

~ Deb Dance, Reiki Master

For those considering taking Evelyn’s Reiki course, you won’t be anything but delighted! 🙂

Evelyn has a beautiful, loving, comforting energy. I looked forward to her class every week and was sad to see it come to an end. However, she is committed to mentoring you. So, know that you will have a friend and mentor for life! She always answered my questions promptly. (Thank you Evelyn)

I love that the course is spread out over several weeks, allowing time to “digest” the information and practice between classes.

It is evident that Evelyn has a true passion for the healing arts and for sharing her knowledge & experience with those interested in making a positive impact in peoples lives as well as their own! Reiki energy is such a pure, loving, healing energy. It can and will transform every aspect of your life! I feel that it is important to share that everyone has the ability to do this.

I recommend Evelyn’s Reiki courses – truly a gift for life!

~ Stacy Miller

I knew Evelyn from QSCA coaching training. I got into her Reiki healing program without hesitation. What a perfect combination of QSCA & Reiki that I found from this program. My experience is Reiki finds ITS clients you need only practice and practice yourself to become a Master, matter is YOU not anything else. Evelyn truly is a great and experienced Master/Teacher. I was very grateful to have her become my Teacher in my QSCA & Reiki spiritual journey. I certainly recommend everyone go for it and find your journey of stunning.

~ CJ Gertrude Chen


I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful opportunity of taking the journey to Reiki Mastery with you. I have been using Reiki Level 1 and 2 in my practice as an Occupational Therapist for many years. I signed up with the intention of being able to share and teach Reiki with others so that they could experience the wonderful benefits for themselves and in turn help others as I have. I received a whole lot more from you. Your generous sharing of meditations, visualizations, ideas, resources, special symbols, chakra teachings, crystals, distance healing, aura’s and the list goes on…it was amazing! In all this you maintained a level of support and love that I bask in today. The remote learning experience taught me that we are all one and that we operate on many different levels and it is all good and it works!

I have my special pendulum which I love and my crystals who are my guides now too. My connection with the spiritual realm is more real. I am connected and guided during all my healings now and in my own meditations. The best part is the great confidence that has developed with my own coaching practice. The innate knowing is there and I have the confidence to say and do things I would never have before your Reiki training course. I have the support of our lovely healing circle in all that I do when I call upon it.

I am so grateful in so many ways. Thank you – with much love.

~ Pam Gras

Over a year ago I knew nothing about Reiki or energy healing. While going through the QSCA (in 2013) with Evelyn as my instructor, I had heard about the course, was curious, but at the time did not feel called to this training, as my focus was to complete the QSCA requirements. However, as time passed on I had heard more about Reiki and heard from some Reiki practitioners (and QSCA graduates) who took this course from Evelyn and how wonderful the experience was. Knowing what a fantastic instructor Evelyn is, when the opportunity for the course came in 2014, I signed up with the intention that this could be a complementary service I could offer my clients.

Since starting the course, and still progressing through the Reiki Master Teacher requirements, I feel I am a different person. I am always amazed, ‘surprised and delighted’ by the results my clients have experienced, and for me, practicing Reiki every day on myself, I am calmer, more connected, and feel more whole. Days that I do feel ‘off’, I give myself a bit more Reiki and everything is all good again. I love having this tool in my bag of tricks.

I still feel very new to Reiki, but I know with time and practice my experience will only grow and become stronger.

Whether you are seasoned energy healer or new to Reiki, this Reiki Mastery Course with Evelyn was a fantastic experience, and I highly recommend it.

~ Susie Ennis

I took Evelyn’s Reiki Master Teacher course during the time that I was in the QSCA coaching certification program and found it to be a great enhancement to all that I was learning and experiencing. Learning about and practicing the Reiki healing energies promotes self- understanding and expansion at the same time that you are helping others. I learned to take setting an intention and connection to Source energy to a whole different level! I knew very little about Reiki (mostly just that it existed) before starting Evelyn’s program. The information and the additional resources she shared provided an abundance of learning opportunities and additional self-discovery. For me, it was a perfect complement to my coaching practice and desire to serve others to live joyfully and be all that they can be.

Evelyn, of course, is always just amazing! She is such a role model for following your true desires and purpose on this earth. She radiates joy, kindness and well-being in all that she does.

~ Beverly Reynolds


I had the joy and privilege to become a Master Reiki under the tutelage of Evelyn Apostolou, or Evelyn Sensei as I loving call her. As a seeker I was drawn to Reiki and did my due diligence. I have found many names and courses offering Reiki certification some even a very modest price but none of the people resonate with me. However when I attended a Reiki webinar by Evelyn by invitation from Christy Whitman, I immediately connected with her.

During the 4 month class I was always looking forward for the time the class will meet. Evelyn explanation of Reiki and its practice is simple yet profound. She has the ability to explain thing in such a way that no prior knowledge of the subject is required to have full understanding. Her upbeat and joyful energy help the flow of information and assimilation.

She has made herself available to answer my questions, and I had a couple, and her approach has always been to empower me instead of just giving an answer. I have enjoyed taking the class with Evelyn.

Evelyn Sensei had introduced me to the realm of energetic healing and her guidance has been enlightening, no pun intended. I know I have found in her a mentor and a friend for the incredible journey ahead.

~ Juan d’Argent